TMJ did biteguard help you?

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  1. dani78xo

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    Anyone who has TMJ, if you got a biteguard (or nightguard or whatever you call it) did the TMJ improve?

    I'm scheduled for a fitting for one on Wed. Just want to know if anyone's actually gotten relief from them.

  2. Vitter

    Vitter New Member

    I have one but I don't use it faithfully. My TMJ problems are mostly just clicking of the jaw, but I do have other things going on that maybe is from the TMJ, I don't really know. My Mom had one years ago and it helped her. She wore it 24 hours a day, she didn't work so she could do that.


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  3. CAAnnieB

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    Hi Danielle,

    I have worn a nightguard (made by a TMJ specialist dentist)for years. It was explained to me when I received it that the guard's primary function is to protect the teeth & gums from damage caused by bruxism... chomping or grinding of the teeth. (My TMJ pain is mostly due to nighttime chomping.)

    The device did NOT stop the actual behavior of chomping on my teeth while asleep.(Unfortunately!)I have noticed, however, that if I forget to wear my guard even for one night (it doesn't happen often...I'm very faithful about wearing it) that my jaws hurt more in the morning. So I guess it must reduce the impact some. Most days I still wake up with very sore TMJ joints, but it's even worse without the guard.

    I just had a dental check-up today & got a good report on my teeth & gums! Yeah! I told the dentist that I'm sure glad that there is ONE part of my body that is healthy/ not giving me problems right now!

    I know there are different types of tooth guards. There might be some device out there that actually discourages Bruxism...If you are getting one like mine, at least you can feel good about protecting your teeth & gums from wear& tear/damage. Anyone who grinds at night should wear a guard.

    BTW, I have been taking 1mg of Klonopin before bed for years. This med was supposed to help with Bruxism. I've never found it to make any difference.(At least that I know of) There are a few other meds out there that supposedly help some folks. I think that bruxing is an extremely difficult behavior to treat because it happens when we are asleep!

    Hope this answered your question!


    P.S.: Robyn (see next reply below!)brought up a VERY good point about neck muscles contributing greatly to TMJ pain. I too have had chronic neck problems & when those muscles are flared (like right now!) the TMJ pain is worse.
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  4. sydneysider

    sydneysider Member

    I've had a professional biteplate for 25 years. I use it at night, and it definately helps me with TMJ pain. I also recommend heat, and anything that relaxes the jaw muscle.

    Although I believe that I do have TMJ, I also found out last year that I have neck issues (found on MRI).

    I realise now that a fair amount of jaw tension, as well as the awful headaches that I used to get have been coming from these neck issues.

    My TMJ started after having braces on my teeth in my late teens.

    I now believe that I've had a neck injury as a small child, and that having braces wrecked the alignment of my jaw, and either the hours in a dental chair, or something else that happened at this time, made the neck injury worse.

    My understanding is that bite plates mainly work by opening up your jaw, and thus releasing the tension in the jaw muscle. They also serve other purposes, such as avoiding grinding wear.

    Whether it works for you depends on what is actually going wrong with your body, and that IS the difficult question.

    Anyhow, I hope you find relief. I know how horrible those headaches can be.

  5. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    and I wear it most nights. It really helped my jaw pain. I also used to have tintinitis (sp?-ringing of the ears) and now that is gone.

  6. HurtsToMove

    HurtsToMove New Member

    Hi Danielle,
    Yes, the PROPER bite guard works wonders! My first one (cost $350) was like a sports mouth guard. I could still bite down with my molars and therefore still clench--a total waste of money. My second guard (cost $375 and worth every penny) had a piece of hard plastic just behind my front upper teeth. When I would try to clench, my bottom front teeth would hit the plastic piece, thus preventing me from clenching. After wearing it religiously for 6 months I no longer need it. It takes a week or so before you notice a difference, in the meantime a heating pad works great.