TMJ is back, any cures out there??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gramaT, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. gramaT

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    I can't figure out why the tmj came back lately. I am having a flare right now, so mabe that's why. I went to Texas for ten days and felt so much better. This makes my teeth hurt too. HELP?!

  2. Crispangel66

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    I am having problems too. I am so tired of it hurting. Where in Texas were you? I live in Gladewater Texas, that is close to Tyler. Hope we both get to feeling better soon.
  3. Jen102

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    the most is IV therapy of glutathione and magnesium. Not sure which one is helping the most, but strongly feel that it is the combo of them. I have taken magnesium supplements for years, but never seemed to assimilate them, but now i have been getting 5 grams per week in an iv.

    I get 2000 ml of glutathione 3x/week. If you can't get a doc to help with it by iv, it is available in an oral form from wellness pharmacy. these have helped all of the symptoms of cfs, fms, and mcs.

    i have a very long way to go, but improvement is better than decline. Blessings. Jen102
  4. Adl123

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    Dear Carolyn,
    My Chiro. helped me by using Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy. She even showed me how to use it on my own jaw. I very rarely have fflares,and then only when stressed.. Maybe you could find someone o help you with this.

    Good luck,
  5. jake123

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    There is a dentist in Bedford, Dr. Holt, who does specifically TMJ work. It is expensive but it does work.
    The cost is $2,400 which covers the appliance, dentist visits and ionophoresis visits and all kinds of attention. The appliance is thin enough to wear all day and does not affect the way you speak.
    I wear mine day and night because I am a clencher day and night.
    This guy and the people who work for him are just super. I am going this week for an adjustment on my retainer, it has been a while since I had one.
  6. kat-E

    kat-E New Member

    adjust my jaw and it does the trick. It usually wipes out the pain within 24 hrs.

    I hope you find something to help soon.

    Also heat and occasionally biofreeze help a bit.
  7. rockyjs

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    I came across this quite unexpectedly...Tom's of Maine quit making the only toothpaste I could tolerate, so I was looking for some way to brush my teeth with a mild abrasive.

    I opened a capsule of coral calcium that my husband takes (we get NOW brand)and put a little on my toothbrush to make a paste.

    I was shocked when the TMJ started going away. I've had it for years and it would often wake me up at night. Since then I've experimented and sure enough, when I brush with the coral calcium the pain goes away or at least diminishes to a very bearable level. When I stop it's back within a day or two.

    I think there are many different causes for TMJ including the problem with bite as mentioned. Mine seems to be nerve pain related to my teeth and a dislocated jaw a couple of years ago. I also have the chiropractor adjust my jaw and it helped with the clicking but not the shooting and aching nerve pain.

  8. gramaT

    gramaT New Member

    Thanks for all your help with the TMJ issue. You guys are wonderful!

    I was in Fort Hood, Texas visiting my son and his family. He's in the Army. I was on a high seeing my little grandchildren. Came back to Illinois to a blizzard. Darn!!

    I do need to see the dentist. May I ask..How much neurontin do you take? I take four,100mg a nite and he said I could take up to 9.

    who do you see to get the IV's?? I got mag iv's years ago and they were wonderful. I have a long way to go too.

    mabe I can find out who does the myofascial triggerpt therapy. don't some massage therapists do it? I love massages.

    I have no dental ins. but need to get it. Thanks

    Thanks. Ive heard the chiro can help with it.

    Now, that's something I can do right now. I'll try the coral cal. for toothpaste. I use sensodyne and it helps with the tooth pain. hmm.. Mabe it gets down in the gumline or something. Cool
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  9. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I don't know what to tell you...I have been going to a dent. now for 3-4 months with not much relief...

    He then had me get a MRI and see what was going on in my neck...that was arthritis..

    Now I need to go back and see what he can do..if anything..

    My pain is mostly the muscles...Just like the rest of my body...But I suffer with terrible headaches everyday..

    My dentist just tries to keep me comfortable..I do have a splint that I wear at night..

    The one thing that has helped is a cream by a company called Nikken...It is an anti-imflamatory cream..It has helped with my neck and my jaw..

    Good luck to you!!

  10. gramaT

    gramaT New Member

    SherylD and Ouch

    I hope your TMJ gets better Sheryl. Ive read your posts and you seem to have it a lot.

    Ouch, I only take 400 neurontin at nite. But I take so many other things too. I hope to get off some of it.

    Prayers for healing for all of us