tmj pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. courtney5771

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    I am very stress out because of a serious medical illness that I may have- tests have been done and I have to wait 2-3 weeks to find out if I have HIV. I am gritting my teeth every night and can't stop it. I have horrible pain in the morning as the result. This and the stress is killing me, let alone FMS.
  2. MJJBunny

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    I am so sorry that the wait for results is so long. The stress must be overwhelming.

    I've had TMJ and have been on Neurontin for years, but it didn't relieve the TMJ pain. I use a night guard in my mouth to relax my jaw muscles ... sometimes using it during the day as well. It's been a long process, but I am finally winning.

    I know the night guards that are made by the dentist are very expensive, but I think you can buy one from a drug store as well. It might be worth a try until your stress level is less.

    MAIAKING New Member

    I have had TMJ for years and years. Finally, diagnosed and had the dentist make the splint for my mouth. (He wouldn't do until he did all this other dental work that he said I needed first, of course.) So about $1500 later I had a splint. Well, it worked great for about six months, but then it just taught me to tighten the muscles as if the splint were in my mouth. Even my tongue!!!! Have you ever had cramps in your tongue?? Well, I have and it is no fun.

    Now the docs say there is nothing I can do or they can do. It is terrible to wake in the morning with the FMS stiffness and pain, plus your head feels like you just got released from the stocks or something.

    If you find relief please let us know.

    AS for the HIV, don't have a clue on how you wait that one out? I hope you'll find the peace to do it though....

  4. Mrs. B

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    at a drug store or sports store for a mouth guard to use while you sleep will go a long way to ease your pain I think. At least it has for me and I don't have to use one anymore because I got out of the habit of grinding them from using one.

  5. spmary

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    HI... I had tmj only twice and a dental surgeon told me to fold a piece of gauze and place between my front upper and bottom teeth and gently bite down..very gently. Itwas a great relief. Hope this helps you. lolMary
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    I had terrible TMJ, both the clinching and the pain. I had to resort to a soft foods diet. Then my doc rx'd Klonopin for me to help with sleep and other things. It solved the TMJ problem. One night I missed taking it and not only didn't I sleep well, I woke up with my jaw clinched.

  7. nitengal42in

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    I was diagnosed with TMJ when I was 17 years old. It was horrible. I had the worst pain ever (besides the FMS pain that is the most excrucating thing ever). I saw an orthodontist who gave me 2 option to help it.

    The first option was to have my jaw surgically broken, realigned and my jaw wired shut for weeks. TMJ is basically a misalignment of the jaw. The thought of that scared the crap out of me.

    My second option was to have braces put on my teeth to allow my teeth to come into a more proper alignment to take some of the pressure of my jaw and the muscles. Guess what I opted for! lol. My teeth did not look bad either. I never thought in a million years I would ever need braces.

    Well, at 17, my senior year in HS, I had them put on. I wored them for 2 years and I am so happy with the results. Since then, I have had no more problems with it. I dont wake up anymore with those awful headaches or with my jaw clenched so tight. I was also a tooth grinder and that has even stopped. I am now 32 years old, no problems for over 13 years.

    Talk to your doc, find out what your options are. Dont give up and live with the pain. It will not go away on its own.

    Good luck to you hon

  8. Bellesmom

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    I have had TMJ since I was about 29 and now I'm 62. I had a mouthguard that I wore for years and I finally couldn't pay to have it adjusted anymore and so I started using something similar to gauze. I just take half of one of those cotton rounds or squares that you use to take off makeup or whatever, put nice hot water on it and a little salt, rinse it and than put it in my mouth. I also have a big problem with some sort of gum infection that no one can tell me what to do with (dentist says see doctor, doctor says see dentist0. Anyway, I get that fit in wherever I need it and it seems to help me a whole lot. I could never sleep comfortably before I started doing that. I also take some Benadryl to help sleep.

    But I know the pain and angony of head pain for years plus the new head pain after being stricken with this DD.

    I hope something someone on this site says will help you.

    Please let us hear how your test results come out - we care a lot and wish there was something more we could do to help.