TMJ surgery...If you've had it, did it help??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fieldmouse, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. fieldmouse

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    I have had TMJ for years. I was told I needed to have surgery for it about 10 yrs. ago but didn't go thru with it. I have tried everything under the sun to try to keep from having the surgery. Have heard lots of stories about how it don't help.I have spent about $6000 out of my pocket to try all the dental things that are suppose to help with NO luck. Just wondering what everyone thinks about the surgery or other things that might help. Thanks Mick!
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  3. fieldmouse

    fieldmouse New Member

    Thanks for the reply and the info. I have tried almost everything that was mentioned there. I have one side that the disc is folded like a potato chip and on the other side it is completly gone.Just rubbing bone on bone. I have and am still usung most of the meds on the list. I have tried the (very expensive splint..$6000 out of pocket)with no relief. Cyropractors(can't spell)and phys therapy.I have not tried the shots. No one has mentioned that to me but they have suggested surgery. I just don't know what to do. Thanks for the info.and hopefully I will find something that helps someday.....thanks again...Mick!!
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    I do have limited opening. The popping noises have pretty much stopped at this point...nothing left to, I have a hard time at the dentist cuz I can't open wide enough for him to do his work...The last few months I have had ringing in my ears and my ears hurt alot....I will ask my PCP about the shots....Thanks again for all the info.....Mick!!
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    I had TMJ surgery in the 80's. I could barely open my mouth at the time and nothing else helped. It was a blessing.

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    Well, I can't tell you what it's like in the long run - I'm still post-op right now. My surgery was just on Sept. 28. But! In the recovery room I could already open my jaw wider without it popping, displacing, or locking.

    My surgery was covered by my Provincial Health Plan, so I didn't pay a penny for it. And while I do know that I may have to go through it again as the joint continues to degenerate, I'm not worried about that what so ever. The <b>only</b> reason I'm finding much discomfort in the healing process this time, is because they also removed 4 teeth to aliviate some of the pressure internally against the jaw. Even still, it was all day surgery - and (so far) I'd do it again in a heart beat.

    Going into the surgery, I had class 4 degeneration of the joint - and no cartiledge. My jaw literally looked like a junkyard.

    Now, it actually resembles a jaw!

  9. smeyers

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    It went great! I had a wonderful doctor who was a pioneer in the field at the time (please don't ask me his name because I've gone totally blank!). Anyway the surgery took 12 hours but it turned out beautifully! I've had no problems at all.

    I never connected Fibro to TMJ until I found out I had Fibro and started hearing from all the people with tMJ.
    I thought I got it because of my braces and the fact that my jaw started popping the day my braces came off. My doctor insisted that was a coincidence and that it was due to stress. I told them from the beginning I needed surgery but they spent years trying everything else. I had to wear these bite plates at night. While I was asleep I'd take them off and throw them across the room.
    Needless to say, that didn't work well.

    Anyway, the surgery isn't that bad (but my body sure was sore from all those hours on the table and I was sick as a dog from the anasthesia. Then I had to eat nothing but soft food for six months. It was a great diet - I lost 15 pounds! But I've never regretted it - not for a moment.
    I was just sorry it took so long to persuade the doctors that I was right all along!
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    You mention a good point. Eating!

    I'm only on restrictions for 6 weeks after surgery. I'm just going from the everything liquid to everything mush stage right now, but honestly that's what it was like alot of times for me before the surgery.

    Like many of us know, TMJD patients aren't supposed to chew gum, or have chewy foods. What's new for me is that my doctor has also said I shouldn't be using straws, sucking on popsicles, things like that - even after my recovery time from the surgery.

    I can't imagine having to be in surgery for that many hours! I don't know if it's the difference in procedure, or the difference in time - but I was in and out of the operating room in under 3 hours!

  11. smeyers

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    That could be a difference. Most people only have TMJ on one side. Plus the left side of my jaw was a real mess.
    I just got so tired of eating the same things, I stopped eating much at all. It was great for my diet!

    I never chewed gum much cos I had braces on and it hurt my jaw anyway so that wasn't an issue.
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    It was only six weeks for the food restrictions. I just went back and read my original post. Sorry about that.
  13. Alyndra

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    I've just had both left & right done too. I was <b>hoping</b> the surgeon was going to be optimistic about only doing the right side, but after the xrays he said both sides were a must.

    Now, I know I'm only a week post-op and might be a little over eager to see results - but while doing my exercises today I've noticed alot of crushing and grinding.

    Should I consider this normal so soon afterwards?

    I'm absolutely happy there's no popping, but I'll be a whole lot less ecstatic about it if I find I've traded the popping in for a permanent grinding.

    I have a follow up Oct 9 with the surgeon, and he's been pretty straight to the point so far - I'm just always worried the doctors are going to sugar coat things if things didn't go the way they should have.

    Have you had to have any follow up procedures?

    I've never talked to anyone before who had surgery for TMJ done over 3 years ago. I'm interested to know how successful it's been over time!

    I've prepped myself mentally going into this to possibly see the OR at least every 5 years for this. If I can get 10 or more out of it, I'd be beyond happy!


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