TMJ - trigger for FMS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by HuggyMummy, Sep 16, 2003.

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    Just asking because I myself have FMS and beleive it is hereditary (my maternal grandmother had it and I'm fairly sure my father has it). My son (16) is already showing some FMS 'signs'.

    My daughter (14)has recently begun to have major problems with her jaw, following needed orthdontic treatment. Been told only option other than 'living with it' and taking sensible precautions (eg not chewing gum, etc) is to be referred for major operation. So far she's 'coped' with it, but got accidently knocked at school yesterday and now is unable to close mouth completely. If no better in a day or so will take her to docs/dentists.

    My main point is: can having TMJ act as trigger to existing 'susceptibility' to FMS? (Obviously she could be totally 'unsusceptible' - seeing the energy she has I'm hoping for the best:)

    Any answers please?

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    I have had FM for over 20 years. I would say over 15 years ago I was told I had TMJ. All I have read TMJ and FM have a connection. My feeling is if you have FM it is likely you will have TMJ but as far as good news I don't feel it works the other way. I know people with TMJ that don't have FM. My best to your daughter in hoping it stops with TMJ.
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    I'm truly hoping you are right:) I've certainly suffered myself from the pain and discomfort of TMJ on occasions, but it has been a while since it has caued me any problems.

    I'm just hoping she's escaped the genetic predisposition (at last I've found the right word:) and that she will remain FMS-free all her life. She is such a bundle of energy and determination, so different from how I was at her age. I just watch her and marvel! I would hate it if she too were going to 'inherit' these 'life-draining' dds.