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    I had dental work in Dec that triggered terrible TMJ. AFter many tests they have decided it is called by FMS. ANyone with this situtaion? I have done steroid injections, muscle relaxers and percocet, cometimes the headache pain is unbearbble and make me nauseuous.
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    Yes, I have FMS and TMJ. Sometimes the pain is terrible. The oral surgeon said I have some disc degeneration but that a lot of it is muscular.

    Big surprise, I am tense all over!

    Nothing will completely remove the pain for me, but the muscle relaxers, some pain meds, and moist heat helps.

    Have you tried moist heat? If you have a regular heating pad, just put a wet washcloth inside the cover. Moist seems to help a little better than dry heat.

    I did get a bite guard made to keep me from clenching my teeth together.

    Have you tried getting a head and neck massage?
  3. chp1298

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    I use a moist heating pad at night . Its the only way I get any sleep. Steroid injections help for abt a month. I cannot find any local Docs who do the nerve blcks for tmj. My PCP is getting me an apptment with a specialist at Duke but he knows they will want to do surgery. I had knee replacement and know the pain. I want to avoid surgery if anyway possible. The guard didnt help me becasue I dont seem to grind my teeth. It is just arthritis and wear doen fothe jaw joint. The docs really seem to not have much knowledge in the care of. I have apptment with rhmy to see if she has suggestions.

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    My first episode five years ago was also triggered by dental work -- so I avoided seeing the dentist for four years! Then, sure enough, there it was again.

    Short-term oral prednisone did wonders, but it's nixed for long-term management. I'm now on Tegretol (it keeps the trigeminal nerve from "firing" and has helped tremendously).

    Moist heat, night-time bite guard, Ibuprofen and short-term use of muscle relaxants have helped the TMJ to the point of it no longer bothering me at all.

    From all I've read about TMJ, BEWARE of having surgery -- do a Google search on the subject and you'll see that there are alternative treatments and that many, MANY, people who have had surgery (which causes irreversible effects!) have not only gotten NO relief, but the problem worsened.

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    I often have terrible pain in my jaw (feels like someone hauled off and punched me in face) that is sometimes on only one side, sometimes both, and recently my jaw has started popping (like that isn't annoying!).