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    For those of you suffering from FM, CFS or other related condition you might do well to look into TMJ (TemperoMandibular Joint). Fibromyalgia is a collective term for a number of aches and pains with nothing pathologically wrong. A bit like irritible bowel syndrome. There's nothing wrong with you and yet the symptoms are undeniable. Well something must be causing the problems and a lot of the time the cause is in the jaw. Like me you may have no pain in the jaw itself but life-ruining pain elsewhere. Others have excrutiating jaw pain. If you search 'dental distress syndrome' and read the first site that comes up (usually) you will see what I mean. First step is a Neuromuscular dentist who will check your jaw position and tell you if there is a problem (not cheap) and the second step is to have the first vertebra in your spine (Cervical 1 or Atlas) checked by an upper cervical chiropractor or someone who specialises in Atlas adjustment. I peronally chose a NUCCA practitioner. There is a link between the Atlas and TM joint apparantly and NM dentists and Upper Cervical chiropractors tend to work together. Of course none of it is cheap but if you think it's expensive in the States try paying for it over here in the UK. Ouch!

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