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    I was wondering what the conection is between TMJ and FM. I have had FM symptom for about 11 years...I am 21 years old. I also had TMJ problems pretty bad...Jaw would lock up completely on me. I finally had surgery to fix it in 2000. I am so glad I did. I have no poping and no pain(at least there). I was curious to know though what the connection is thought to be.

    If anyone with TMJ is offered Surgery...The modern surgery that is, I would deffintly suggest looking into it.

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    I, too, have a long history and have had many arthroscopic procedures prior to the Mandibular Osteotomy I underwent in 1990. It was a rough surgery, but it fixed my problems. I am beginning to have some recurring issues and the surgeon said that ten years of relief is about normal, so I am not surprised, but as long as I don't chew a lot and I don't grind my teeth or keep my mouth open for long periods of time, I'm still fine.
    I've read that TMJ is not uncommon with our DD. The Search Engine has a lot of info on this subject, because we've discussed it before.
    I'm so happy the surgery helped you as well!!
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    Hi Nichole,

    I have both also. My TMJ is not as bad as yours and is caused from chronic tooth grinding at night. I have read that it's a common thing for those of us with fibromyalgia.

    Trigger points can occur in the neck and jaws also apparently.
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    Check out the article on the home page on TMD...very interesting about the connection between TMJ & FM.

    I'm sure I've had TMJ/D since childhood but never diagnosed which surprises me for as many dentists that I've gone to. It's not real bad...mainly pain when chewing, earache, headaches so I never asked about it.
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    I had TMJ surgery about 10 years ago. They told me at that time that it tends to reoccur in time and it did. Because I had a nasal septal spur on the left side, the same side I kept having TMJ pain on, I did some research at the medical library to see if there was any connection. I found in medical books information known about for many years (and evidentally ignored) that nasal problems cause TMJ disorders. Dentists know that this is usually a muscle disorder or FM. They call it oralfacial pain. But don't seem to realize it usually originates in the nose.

    The nasal septal spur (also known as a deviated septum) causes pain, inflammation and blocks the normal flow of air. Then, it becomes much harder to get rid of infections and consequently leads to chronic rhinosinusitis. Chronic rhinosinusitis in turn causes chronic fatigue and muscle pain. That's why everyone with CFS/FM should get their nose looked at and have a MRI of the paranasal sinuses. Am I the only one who understands this? I feel like the lone ranger.

    For more information on TMJ type "thesis" in search.

    Take care.
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    I "got" FMS/CFIDS when I was about 59 years old. I'm sure my TMJ was from extreme stress due to a very bad marriage. Wonder if that translates to FMS at 59 or whenever. Of course, I still hold with the theory that it's some sort of stealth virus or "bad bug" that waits silently until just the right moment and then mows us down.

    Well - that's my 25 cents worth for tonight.

    Goodnight all...take care