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  1. eeyoreblue02

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    Good morning to all of you.

    I worked hard yesterday and today I am paying the price. My shoulders ache soooo bad.

    TM, where are you? We certainly hope you're doing okay. Maybe your husband whisked you off for a romantic surprise and you just didn't haev time for us? Sounds good anyway!

    Sheryl, glad you survived all the haircuts. I do admire you for that. I have to work in short spurts. I take a break about every hour and end up working from morning til bedtime because of that. Of course, I don't work more than 8 hours when you add it all up.

    Stormy, give us some of your words of wisdom. We all look forward to what you have to say.

    I read the thread about the FFC dr not liking Threelac and saw your post in there. I've never tried Threelac myself, but have certainly thought about it. I don't trust too many doctors. I'm sure I'd rather do anything natural before taking megadoses of rx. The Diflucan is worthless for me. I tried that a few years ago before I found this board. I am so grateful to this board and especially to you, Stormy.

    Sheryl, I'll be thinking about you today and praying it goes well with your son's teachers. I've had a few scary meetings and also lots of pleasant ones. With little boys you never know what is going to happen next.

    I'm getting ready to ready your thread about the diet and I'm also getting ready to post a thread about the new mattress pad I purchased.

    Hope all of you have a wonderful day.

  2. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    So glad you started a new thread...This is much better...

    Linda...I work out of my home too...So when I do a hair cut I usually have a little break in between...Unless it is a family that comes then I will do a few in a row...That really bothers me...So when I have a break I go do something else til my next one comes..

    I think the meeting with my sons teachers will go ok...They are both really nice...I'll let you know what they say..

    Where the heck is TM...She has not been one here for a couple of days... I really hope she is ok..

    Do you suppose I could be having withdrawls from all the supplements I was taking...I just feel really weird today... I just feel real floaty and dizzy...Just don't feel right..I have been itching pretty bad...So maybe I got somethings I shouldn't have yesterday...THe more I read..the more I cannot's depressing...

    I have to get off of here...Talk to you later..

    Linda I will be watching for your thread about the mattress..
  3. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    When you first posted about your sensitivity to MSG, my thoughts were that I was sorry for you and so glad I didn't have that problem.

    Now, I'm thinking differently. I have practically every symptom you mentioned or have at some point in my life.

    I itch all the time. Of course, yeast was causing a great deal of it and it has gotten better as I am getting the yeast under control, but MSG may be a huge factor for me.

    I always thought MSG was in chinese food and made some people have upset stomachs, end of story. Boy, was I wrong.

    As bad as I hate to give up bread I'm going to have to look at your post again and make notes and see what happens when I follow that diet.

    I am just so sick and tired of not being "normal". I do NOT eat junk food all the time, eats tons of veggies and fruits and am at least 50 pounds overweight. Dr says try to lose 25, but I'd rather go for more. Problem is, the weight is stuck no matter how much I try to exercise (mostly walk or sometimes Pilates, can't do strenuous activity) or how few calories I consume. I occasionally get disgusted and eat a huge chunk of cheesecake or big bowl of ice cream, but I think we all do that every now and then.

    I'm going to post about the mattress pad right now. I got sidetracked earlier.

    My daughter just found out her baby is a girl, so we're excited about planning the nursery.

  4. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Linda...How exciting that your daughter is having a girl!!! Girls are fun! Sassy...but fun!..LOL

    Good luck if you are going to try this diet...I think it is worth a try..There are so many things we have that are always unexplained...right down to my sons ready problems..??..

    From what I have read...MSG can cause weight gain and you are not able to lose the weight...I can cause soo many things...So some google on it and read some of the things..Scary..

    The bread has chemicals on it to keep it from molding...Do you make home made bread?? That is what I told my husband last night that he needs to whip up a batch of bread..Then I can make my toast and sandwiches out of that instead...

    I too have been treating for yeast as you both know...but I really feel I am getting nowhere with it...I have seen a little improvement with somethings..but nothing with other things..

    Plus I have been treating my son for yeast and every once in a while he gets all out of wack but has not had much sugar or the other things...Well I think it has to do with this MSG thing...I am going to watch how much he gets too...Try to keep track of it and see what happens with him..

    I am going to try this diet..What can it hurt right!! I already don't eat a lot of things..and I am going to get this book to read...I think I will make a trip to the library today and see what I can find on it...

    I am hoping!!

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  5. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    I wrote up a big post about the mattress topper and lost it. the phone rang and I answered it and I think it just timed out. Bummer! I'll do it again later.

    I do make homemade bread. I need to do that today. I noticed you said your husband should do it. Does he cook? That is fantastic. My husband will grill outside in summer, but that's it. He acts like he's being abused if he has to put together a turkey sandwich by himself.

    I think I need to give him a little "tough love"!! LOL

    Back to work. I'll redo the mattress post when my hands have rested a bit.

  6. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Yes my husband cooks alot...He loves to cook..I know I am lucky..And he is a very good cook..

    But he has caused a lot of my problems..He has a problem tasting so he puts lots of seasoning on everything..It taste good...but not good for you..

    Bummer about your thread...Dont' you hate that..

    Well off to make me an omlet for lunch...LOL

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  7. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    Hey ladies.... I'm here....

    Had a busy day yesterday.... and i'm sore from PT also.

    My stomach is killing me.... it's in a knot!!!!.... I think it's a combination of things, but the biggest of all is getting my water intake back up after traveling last weekend!

    I also have a problem with keeping balance in my diet and supplements when it comes to having other things to do.... If i don't have to leave the house that day i do great with my shake, supplements, water intake, and diet.... but, if i have the least little thing to do or errand to run that day, it throws my whole day of wellness off!

    Its almost as if i get a nervous stomach over what i have to get done!.... and i don't like to be rushed anyway!.... and i CAN'T BE RUSHED with supplements or the shake! It really does take me a couple of hours to get these down!!!

    I know my body goes through a roller costar effect as a result, but i just don't know what to do about it!!!?

    Yes Linda, i guess you could say the trip set me back a couple spaces : (

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  8. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I am glad you are here...We were getting worried about you..

    How's your PT going??? I think it will take time..

    You should read the post that I did on MSG...IT is very informative...If you didn't already..I thought of you with your headaches...

    We are starting to put my sons room back in order...Yay!!! I can't wait to have my living room back in order..

    Well I'll talk to you guys later...I need to get to bed early tonight...I was up to late last night..
  9. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    TMPrincess, I'm so glad you finally decided to show up. I was really getting worried about you. I know exactly what you mean about leaving home and getting all messed up with your routine. My hubby thinks I"m crazy for wanting to stay in the house all the time, but I've gotten into a comfort zone.

    Sheryl, be sure to show us pics of the room. I know you'll be glad to get everything straightened up again. I guess your son has been sleeping in the living room, hasn't he?

    Aside from growing our veggies and animals, is there any sure way to get what we need? I just hate to go to the grocery store and fine organic foods costing 5x as much. It's like we're being punished for wanting to eat right. I have came to the conclusion that I don't even know what is good for me any more. Soy was supposed to be so good and now it's bad. MSG is in everything. I can't have aspartame, Splenda or any of that. I even worry about the water we drink.

    The one thing I won't give up is my coffee. I have to have that to charge myself every morning.

    I posted about my new mattress topper. Check it out.

    Good night. I'm ready for my bed (new mattress topper!)

  10. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    My son had a bed that was a bunk bed...futon on the bottom..So we put the futon in the basement. It folds up to a couch so we are just going to leave it down there..

    Then my husband is going to build the top bunk up higher and then build a desk under it...I can't wait..

    I forgot to tell you guys that the meeting with my sons teachers went ok...He is at a early 3rd grade reading level...which of course it is now at the end...So he is kinda a year behind...

    Anyways..They wanted him to have help over the summer and I have nowhere to take him...And if I take him it is sooo expensive..

    So he reading teacher was really worried about the summer and him not reading...So she said she would see him once a week to make sure he is still making progress!! I couldn't believe it... I think she made my day.. I will take any help I can get..

    It will just be an insentive to read...She said she would still give him the reading logs and then she would check them and stuff once a week..I was just thrilled...

    She is wonderful person too...So caring and gentle..That is why he really likes her..

    So I guess it went good...he seems to be doing good in everything else..

    Linda..I will check out your post..I am going grocery shopping tomorrow...I know what you mean about the cost..But I think I am going to try to buy all organic if I can..and just see if I can feel a difference...It just might be worth it..

    Good night girls..
  11. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    Hey girls... thanks for your thoughts and concerns!.... that is sooo sweet! ; )

    Please see my post to Pammy and June about PT labeled; "3rd PT visit".... this will keep me from having to type it all over again.... LOL

    It should get better from here on out though!

    Sheryl, thanks for thinking of me and my headaches with the MSG.... I'm very intrigued by your findings and it will be interesting to see how you do on this new diet! I went completely organic about 6-8 months ago... and now that you mention it... i was having really bad iching all over before that. It's not really a problem any more!...

    Organics do cost slightly more, but how can you put a price on peace of mind?.... you right though Linda.... all that crap (chemicals) should have NEVER been added to our food to begin with!!!! And it does kinda feel like WE are now the ones being punished for it!!!

    Sheryl~ That is soooo exciting about your son's teacher volunteering to continue to see your son through the summer!... You'll have to do something really special for her!!!

    BTW Linda, love your sons hair.... to precious!


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  12. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    TM, I read your other posts. Switching from one therapist to another would bother me also. I'd prefer no more than two.

    Hope you get plenty of help there. I've had pt in the past with great results. I haven't kept up with my home exercises as I should have. I need to force myself to get back to it. It would help with neck pain.

    I saw your post about the pillow. Is it made from the memory foam type material? Those look good to me, but I've never tried one.

    Sheryl, be sure to take the teacher's offer to work with your son this summer. That's priceless. I know Sylvan is horribly expensive, but a friend of mine has been going there and recommends them. At first she felt she was throwing her money away. Now she says it's worth it. She said her daughter (who was having difficulty in math) has blossomed in all subjects and is doing so well. The teachers have noticed it too she says.

    Gotta get my boy up (again) for school. I feel like a snooze alarm in the mornings!

  13. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    Storm~ Do you know much about Pomegranate Juice?
    Hubby read in his health mag. that it is really good for you.... so we started putting a tbs. of it in the shake last week. It's the concentrate kind. I agreed because it has potassium, magnesium, and vit. c, e, b1, b2, b6.... and other good stuff! I'm just trying to figure out whats causing these intense stomach cramps..... I also started that B12 sublingual last week.

    Linda~ The pillow i kept is not memory foam.... i did try one of those though and returned it. I felt like i was suffocating and it did not provide enough support. I needed something firmer.... like i said, something that would take the pressure off my shoulder when sleeping on my side... I also tried one of those water pillows from my chiro ($60) that the other lady spoke of.... i didn't care for it, but hubby loves it!!!!! My chiro said they have a life span of about a year before they start to flaten out and need to be replaced.

    I expect my PT will get better now that i talked to the owner and he sorted everything out for me! The stretches help.... but, i'm having to work up the amount they want me to do. I already do my own set of stretches every day, but you know when its something new you gota work into it.

    You girls have a Gr8 day!!! Talk soon!


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  14. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I have had a couple of busy days...

    Tm...First of all..all the stuff I have been reading is saying that not all organic stuff is good..It is sprayed with things that won't even wash off...Terrible I know..

    I have been trying to do as much reading as I can..

    I am sooo excited that my sons reading teacher is going to help me out this summer...I think it will give us both a little push..Plus we do always do the reading program at the library...

    And I think his tutor that we use to have for him is going to try to do a little here and there with him..She is getting old and doesn't really want to commit to something..But I bet she will see him a little...

    Linda...I finally found the Beverly Cleary books at the library last night when we went...I got the Ralph S. Mouse one...I made a deal with him...he can pick out books he wants..but I pick one he has to read with me...He thought that was cool...He picked out all comic books...Which is great...He use to not even pick any out..

    My daughter on the other hand is going crazy with reading...She has been going to the tutor that we had just for a couple review days..She is just going to see her a couple of times to give her a little shove on to the next step...But she told me that she is at about a 1st grade level already...She is not even in kindergarten..She doesn't forget anything..She has been reading the Dick and Jane books all by herself...

    Now today the lady gave her a spelling test..She thought it was so cool...Just words like was really neat that she could do it..

    So hopefully I won't be going through this with her....

    Thanks everybody for all you words of advice...God knows I need it...:eek:
  15. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    Hi Storm~

    This is kinda embarrassing to talk about.... so excuse us here Linda and Sheryl.... It seems to have started late Sat. night after having eat pizza for the first time in months!!!.... All weekend i had this quivering of the tongue like i was going to hurl, and chills like i was going to have diarrhea... had neither.... but, would have gladly welcomed both all week!!!!!

    I get my probotic through yogurt daily.... when i started this everything just moved so freely! This week it has been such a challenge to go #2.... i have been, but like i said it's been a challenge and has not been free flowing.

    The cramps are ALL THE TIME!!.... especially right before i have to go! If i sit very still or lay on my stomach i get a little relief, but when i am up moving around it feels like a washing machine in there!

    I have ALWAYS had a hard time digesting and swollowing pills and supplements and have always refused to take them.... I desperately want to feel better so that is why I am taking so many & have jumped on the ban wagon... i am starting to wonder if i am having a hard time with these!!??? I have been reading on here about people juicing and am seriously considering getting a juicer and start to get my vitamins and such from juicing... what do you think?

    This week i have not been doing any supplements or the shake. I've been eating things like yogurt, oatmeal, and easy to digest things.... each day has been a little better than before, but i am still a hurting unit!!! I am still doing the aloe, lemon, and cherry juice though! HELP!! SOS!!!

  16. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    Sheryl, that is great about your daughter. A good reader is good in other subjects too. It builds confidence also.

    Let your son read comic books. Anything helps. Let him read the back of a cereal box if he wants to! Hope he likes Ralph S. MOuse.

    TM, I am so sorry you are going through all this. Sounds like you're worse off than I even realized.

    My friend has a VitaMix juicer. It makes frozen desserts adn other things too. She loves it. It costs around $400, but she says it is worth every penny.

    She fixes herself a fruit smoothie for breakfast everyday with tons of stuff in it and says her stomach stays full til around 1:00. She fixes them for hubby and daughter too.

    I've been reading all the posts about juicing and thinking it is time for my family to start down that road. I really do hope you get to feeling better FAST.

    I hope all of you have a great weekend. It is so cold here it doesn't feel like spring.

    I'm ashamed to admit I took a two-hour nap. Just got up. Kitty cats snuggled with me and it was just so nice.

    Let us know how you are TM. Sounds like you're doing right by eating easy to digest foods right now. I do wonder if the pizza started all this.

  17. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member


    Thanks for your reply! Stomach felt slightly better yesterday, and even better today... so i'm restarting the shake today!

    It sounds like that is exactly what is going on!!.... You said i could take something to "jolt it out".... what might that be???

    Do you have a suggestion for a multi-enzyme product?.... I didn't realize i needed something more than yogurt for my probotic.... so, i will look for one of those this week!!

    Here are the supplements i usually take;
    Sea Vegg, CoQ10, Glocosamin Chondroitin, B12, Milk Thistle, Oxydrene, Fish Oils, Echinacea Astragalus (almost done with), Vit E, & Vit C

    Have, but haven't started yet;
    Cal/Mag/Vit D, Garlic, & Selenium

    Thanks again for your help.... you sure a blessing around here!!! ;-)

  18. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member


    What have you read?.... what are they sprayed with???
    Can you send me some links? I'd be very interested in reading this too.... Seems like your d%@! if you do and
    d%@! if you don't these days!!!! Can't go right from going wrong!!!! Very frustrating!!

    I went off on a rant about all this last night and Hubby told me to stop and breath.... LOL

    I just can't believe anyone still lives here on plant Earth!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!

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  19. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    Woke up with a migraine and just stayed in bed. It is 2:00 p.m. and I am on my first cup of coffee.

    Hospice has been called in for my dear papa. I am having a very hard time dealing with this. I love him soooo much.

    Finally had to tell my son. He is crushed. Andre' has been blessed to have two grandfathers along with this great grandfather. He has a special relationship with each of them.

    Stormy, I have a question. How long should I take my melange of supplements before I take a week off? Should I take a week off from all of them at once and then reintroduce then one by one?

    I currently take cal/mag/D, fish oil, milk thistle and dandelion combo, dhea, E, C, green food and iron. I take the iron at doctor's orders due to being anemic. I also give myself B12 injections and am down to once a week.

    Should I stop all (have been on some longer than others) after having been on ALL for a certain period of time? I get so confused.

    Thanks for being here for us, Stormy.

    TM, I understand the rage you feel over organics being contaminated. It seems to me the only options we have are to go back to growing all our own food. I personally don't care a whole lot for meat so that doesn't bother me. Of course, my men are definitely carnivores.

    I don't have space, time, energy or anything else to have a full-fledged garden. How else are we supposed to know if the veggies are truly untainted?

    I do purchase a lot of my veggies from the local fruit stands and they are grown here at home. Cheaper than in the stores and undoubtedly better for me as they come from someone's own garden, but I still don't know for sure about the contamination and I can only do this in the warm months.

    Hope you're all feeling well this weekend.


  20. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I sent you guys the link to the site I have been doing a lot of reading on...So..Get reading!

    Linda...So sorry to hear that about your Papa..You know we are here for you..

    Tm...It all is so crazy...I am getting so fed up with it all and I just started reading...It makes me scared to eat anything...The worse things I have found That we should NOT eat are grapes..carrots...potatoes(unless organic)..Just til you can figure out which ones you can eat..Anything that grows in the ground is not good..But then any berries are not good...I guess nothing is good..LOL

    On this site they have a discussion board..I have been doing a lot of reading there to see what people eat...

    Mostly make sure your meat is fresh and organic...Make sure you peal EVERYTHING...You know that wax coating on all the veggies..That is not good at all...She says to wash stuff in Dawn soap with warm water...But this AuxiGro is something that can not even be washed off!! That is what is on grapes...

    Time for bed...I am soo tired..

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