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    I googled _____supplements and found the milk thistle and dandelion combination. Not a bad price either.

    Hope you have great results with this. I can't wait to get started. I hate not having enough $ to take are of myself properly. Will be getting some things purchased next week.

    Stormy told me I could expect the dandelion and milk thistle to clear my skin. I have had terrible outbreaks on my back and shoulders for years. A dermatologist said it was acne and treated it as such for years with no results. My holistic NP said it looked more like yeast to her. I go back to see her Wednesday.

    Anyway, I wish you the best with this. Cutting out the Splenda, etc was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I'm learning that feeling good (or at least better) is worth doing without some of the "instant gratification" I was getting from junk food.

    Keep it up and keep us posted.

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    Sorry about intruding on your conversation with stormy... hope you didn't mind. But, it really sounds like we are on the same page about a lot of things!!!

    I didn't find cutting Splenda that hard either. But, DH is having a hard time... and i worry about him. He's addicted to coke-cola w/ splenda... i'd rather just see him go back to regular coke! But, he's convinced real sugar is worse!??!?!! go figure! propaganda is good, huh?

    I know all the supplements etc. get expensive, but i just look at it as my health and my medicine. I just got to tell myself i'm worth it, and pinch pennies in other areas!

    For example; I have a high ins. deductible to meet right now. So i got to be careful about what i elect to do and not do.... I went to a new dr. at a pain center recently... expecting to get some "pain relief" hahaha His website was very misleading! Said he specialized in FM and MPS, etc... and offered all kinds of treatments. The only thing he offered me and wanted to focus on was this new thing Prolotheraphy!!! Then referred me to another dr who specialized in FM. But, he figured he'd make a dime off me while i was there and ordered all these in house test.

    He wanted to check for nerve damage in my left arm from when i was stuck in the womb at birth! I was suckered into making the apt while there, but once i got home and thought about it... the more i got upset about what just happened!

    I realized that;
    1.) I wouldn't be his patient, so why does he care?
    2.) I don't need some test to tell me i've had sever pain in my arm since birth!!!!!
    3.) And really he's just using me to help pay for that swanky expensive machine of his anyway!!!!
    4.) Means more $$ in my pocket for my supplements and holistic approach!!

    Anyway... sorry for the ramble.... my whole point was that... i'm trying to be more smart about things! Health wise and money wise!!!

    It will be interesting to see if this Dandelion and Milk Thistle helps w/ your back acne. That would be so awesome!!!! Is that the only place you have it & is it there all the time??

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    the brand name I told you I googled. I didn't think it would be a problem as Stormy had told me in her post. And, no, I do not mind you popping in on our posts. I'm always happy to talk to anyone who is on the same page as I am because that's where you can get the best advice.

    Tell your DH that my nephew read somewhere that Splenda is caustic enough to clean the scum off the bottom of a swimming pool. When it gets put like that it sounds really gross. Also my NP told my husband, who is diabetic, he would be better off with a small amount of sugar than Splenda. She said that Splenda is 2000 x sweeter to the body than sugar and it is so far unknown what can result from that.

    My back and shoulders are the only place I have the breakouts. They don't really appear to be acne, but don't appear to be eczema, psoriasis or any of the other known skin rashes. Very, very itchy.

    Is Prolotherapy that machine that you sit in front of and it "vibes" your problems away? There are so many quacks out there it is hard to tell the good guys from the bad.

    I feel I have finally found a dr. to listen to me. It is an integrative medicine clinic. They do a combination of conventional medicine and natural healing with supplements, etc.

    I actually look forward to going to this clinic. I always leave feeling optimistic.

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    Thats awesome you've found a dr. to listen! That really means soooo much!!! That's truly half the battle!

    Hubby has all the knowledge and facts on splenda. I gave him a report on it even! Thats the scary thing! He was pouring himself a coke today and i must have been giving him one of my looks. He said "what?... what are you thinking about?".... i said you don't want to know.... he said "try me". So i did!!!.... "I was just thinking about you putting all that poison into your body still" LOL... not funny really.

    He says he's cut back a lot, and plans to cut it out eventually all together. But, i just can't understand why you would continue to make the choice! Knowledge is power... if the the knowledge is put into practice!!!!... in a sense, its the something i've done for years!

    Before i got sick and had a reason to be concerned about my health... people would tell me those kind of things all the time. My attitude was "oh well... we all have to die some time".... I guess i had it coming!!! It makes me really sad a lot of the time that it took something soooo dramatic to get my attention! That's what i grieve the most.

    I really need to find a dr. like yours... that's holistic too. Does he prescribe meds also?

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    You asked me about Prolotherapy....

    Its a series of injection treatment, that helps to rebuild cartilage and collagen. I'm not opposed to it... i'm just not sure that's what i need. I haven't talked to one person on here that's had it done... furthermore, the stats on FM patients in general just aren't there! I have no doubt it helps for regular injures, as a friend of mine had a 100% recovery from a neck injury from prolotherapy.... but come on! FM is no typical injury!... yes for some it did START with an injury... but, then it becomes sooo much more than that!... but, my mom had this... so mine is hereditary!


    ps.... what are all the changes you have made... health and diet?
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    Center for Integrative Medicine. The integrative part means they look at your body as a whole. I guess that is part of being holistic. They do prescribe conventional meds as well. My NP changed me from Effexor (prescribed by someone else) to Cymbalta.

    Changing my diet has been my biggest accomplishment so far. I love bread. I have cut way, way back and only buy the whole grain bread now. Cutting out the artificial sweeteners was a huge deal for me as I had been drinking diet sodas since I was 16. I eat way more fresh fruits and veggies than I used to. I have always loved them, but hated the inconvenience of having to buy them more often than the less nutritious things.

    I try to walk, but lately haven't been up to it. When I force myself to walk I do seem to feel better. If I do other activities I just hurt worse, but walking seems to help me.

    I don't think the Prolotherapy would help me either. My problems started at age 15 when I developed mono. I was sick for a year and then had several good years before I hit bottom. Now I'm in pretty bad shape. I rate my days on how bad the pain is, not whether I'm in pain.

    Gotta go, my hands are getting numb.

    Stay in touch and fill out your profile for me!


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    I am going to look for a Center for Integrative Medicine in my area!! That sounds very interesting!

    Here are some of the changes and things i'm doing;
    1. Storm's shake
    2. cut the splenda
    3. also eating the whole grain breads no whites
    4. no processed foods or canned foods, aim for organics
    5. Sea Vegg / Fish Oil and other supplements
    6. just started cherry juice!
    7. cut out the anti inflamitory and px pain meds
    8. eat a raw garlic clove a day
    9. getting probotics from my yogurt
    10. an oxygen supplement for knots in muscles
    11. eating lots of fruits, veggies, nuts, fish, etc.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with me!

    Take care
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    I'm also taking fish oil supplements and garlic supplements rather than eating a garlic clove.

    What is the cherry juice for? I've heard others talk of cranberry juice, but not cherry.

  9. Tmprincess

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    Is for full of healthy antioxidants and Melatonin.
    Full of Potassium and great for pain relief!!

  10. eeyoreblue02

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    the cherry juice. I'm always looking for things to make myself feel better naturally. Wish I could make myself look better too!

    I think I'll add that to my list of goodies I'm going to pick up this week.

    Read my other post about seeing things that aren't there.


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    I just started the cherry juice a couple of days ago...
    kind of expensive. About 12-13 dollars for a 12.5 oz bottle of concentrate. You take 1-2 tbs morning and night (i've been taking 1).... But, again i'm looking at this as my medicine! Cut out the expense of the unnessecary nerve damage testing, so i can make more wise decisions ; ) Getting my priorities in order ; ) YES! Got to be done!

    I'm going to the health store tomorrow, after my Dr's apt. and i'm looking for Aloe juice and this milk thistle with dandelion!

    I've heard that vit. E & C are especially important to the brain and neuro diseases and helping to carry seratonin ; )

    I read your other post... i've seen what looked like a person out of the corner of my vison once or twice also... but mostly cats... which have grown from spiders, to mice, to now cats! weird!!!

    A lot of people think i maybe having mini strokes though... so, i'm going to bring these things up tomorrow when going over my MRI's w/ the dr. He can be a little passive at times... doesn't make me feel confidant about his ability to even read the MRI's! He was looking at either an x-ray or mri once and he said "they didn't send a report of findings with these?... i can't read these very well... but lets give it a look." GREAT!!!!

    Good luck w/ the cherry juice!
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    results tomorrow. If you're not happy with this doctor, maybe you need to keep looking.

    I have been taking Vit E every day for about 25 years. I didn't even know how good it was supposed to be for me when I started taking it.

    I am anemic and have to take iron pills every day. I recently started taking Vit C along with them because the doc said it will help me absorb the iron better.

    I guess I didn't really name everything I do take, so I'll try to do that.

    Vit E
    Vit C
    B12 injections
    Garlic supplement
    Fish oil with Omega 3

    Plan to start this week taking

    Dandelion and Milkthistle
    Magnesium (hear it's good for pain)
    a green food supplement
    and think I'll buy prunes

    I will probably get some Pau D'arco and take it for awhile when I run out of garlic. Stormy suggests switching them out periodically.

    I need to start a broad specrum probiotic but I get so confused trying to figure out what to get

    Probably left something out. I just lay everything out and start swallowing pills. I get a 20 oz bottle of water to take them with. that helps me increase my water intake.

    I'm falling asleep. Gotta go to bed. My son has been on spring break all week and tomorrow is his first day back so I have to get used to having to be up and showered in the morning so I can drive him to school. (He's 11 and the light of my life)

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    If you don't mind...I would love to get in on this conversation...

    I think I am on the same page as the both of you...And I keep running into both of you on here...LOL

    I am doing all the same changes you both are...

    This is what I am taking right now..

    Stormy's shake
    Cherry Juice

    I am going to add the milk thistle and dandelion next..I just always add one thing at a time..So far I am doing pretty good...

    I noticed the biggest boost when I added the greens...They are great!!

    Tmprincess...Good luck at the dr. I hope you get some answers...Please let us know what you find out!!

    Does the oxygen supp. you guys talk about really help with the muscles and knots?? Cuz it is getting down to where that is my bump I can't get over...I still have the widespread pain in my muscles...and the burning..

    I wonder if when I start the milk thistle and stuff if that will help..

    I have been doing my stretches everyday...I am so proud of myself..LOL...But they are helping..not quit so stiff...

    Please tell me if you can think of anything I am missing...

    Sorry again for butting in...But you guys are great!

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    You are more than welcome to our conversation. Every post I go to, there you are, so I know we are at the same point in our lives with these illnesses.

    I have not started Stormy's shake yet. I know I need to and so do my hubby and son. They have both been receptive to changes I have been making in our food. Andre' (my son) actually has started looking for a banana or apple for breakfast instead of a PopTart.

    I noticed you are taking Pau D'Arco and garlic. I was under the impression it would be better to take one for a few weeks and then change to the other one as they basically do the same thing.

    Do you get your magnesium, calcium and zinc in one tablet?

    I think I want to start the green food supplement next. It seems to be what everyone else is raving about. I think you're right about adding on one at a time. The truth is I get so excited I just want to start taking any and everything that might give me some relief.

    I do get tired of swallowing pills though and am always hoping for combinations in one pill.

    Stay with us on this.


    I don't think I ever mentioned (I knew I was leaving something out) is the AZOyeast. I think I mentioned lactobacillus, which is in the AZO, but it also has boneset and mistletoeleaf. This is the only thing that put a stop to my constant vaginal yeast infections. That was only one sign of my yeast infestation. Don't know if thats' the right word, but I felt infested.

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    That is great that your son is choosing so much better food all on his own...My kids are doing the same...Just sometimes they still want sugar...It is hard..I am craving sugar today too...I haven't done that for a while..Yeast must be kicking up a bit..

    As for the garlic and stuff...You can take garlic everyday..The other things do do the same..but sometimes it takes more than just the garlic to fight everything..The echinacea does the same thing too...

    They are all fighters...I added one at a time...The echinacea was the last of the fighters that I added..and I did herx a little..but it actually felt good..

    The herbs...echinacea, paud'arco are ones you will only want to take for a little while then take a break from them..Like a week off or so...Then after a few months switch to a different fighter...Stormy has said which ones are good..but I don't remember..

    Yes...My Mag./cal./zinc is all in one huge tablet...Very hard to swollow sometimes...I just recently added I am just on about a 1/3 of what they say to take..

    I always take a little dab of something and ease my way into it..

    But the last thing I have added was the greens...The greens I got are from a company called Nikken...They have supplements...magnets...far-infarred..I am using a few things from them..

    This greens is barley grass...Taste like grass too...I do that a couple times a day and can really tell a difference..Seem to have more energy being on this..Plus my head seems more clear..Hard to explain..

    I am just down to the liver support...Which I really need...I might either order the one Stormy uses..or I might get the one from Nikken...Not sure yet..All I know is I think I need one soon..

    And now I am really considering checking into the oxygen elements...I wonder if it would help with my muscle pain..Like my arms are just killing to type this long...Do these give you more oxygen??? Cuz I know I don't breath right...

    I have never heard of AZOyeast..

    So...Sorry it is so long..Hope I was of some help...It not you can always ask Stormy..LOL..She will help us all out..

    Take Care!
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    ((((((( Welcome SherylD ))))))))))

    Glad you stopped in!... Seems like we all on the same little "yellow brick road"!... I want to be Dorthy!! LOL*

    Sorry it's taken so long to get back here Linda, its been a very busy day!!!... I have some catching up to do here!

    Linda, You'll have to tell me a little about the Lactobacillus, and DHEA... not familiar with those.... Do you like yogurt? You can get your probiotics buy just eating yogurt now! I'm like you too... the less pills... the better! That's one reason i choose to eat the garlic glove... also i feel its more organic (plus i buy the organic kind), but it also helps fight the Candida. I eat a few prunes every night. Wasn't sure if was going to be able to stomach it... but they're really not much different than raisins!


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    This has been the biggest help so far with my knots!!!!!! I just stated here about 2 weeks ago, and they have helped sooo much! I had a knot in each of my shoulder blades about the size of my fist, (if not larger) they have gone down so much. I've also been taking the fish oils for about 6 weeks now, and i noticed a difference right after i started those also!!!

    My Dr. gave me a scrip for Myofascial Release Therapy today too.... i had seen that here on another post this weekend. I'm going to check that out as well! It's for 2x a week for 4 weeks!!!

    Good for you on the stretches!!!!! That will help you soooo much! It makes such a big difference in my day if i don't start off with a little heat therapy and some stretches! I use one of those Balance Fitness Balls & love it!!!! It takes some time to get used to it. I've been working with it for about a year now. I just recently started doing some crunches while i'm on there all stretched out... hubby says i'm starting to get a little 6pack (more like 2pack right now... lol) I can't do very many of course, but just do what i can, since i'm there and in the position anyway! Can't hurt, right!?

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    that we're on I must be the scarecrow. Isn't he the one who wanted a brain? Mine is all foggy, so that's me!

    I had never really even heard of the oxygen supplements. TM, do they help your breathing? I have asthma that has not given me any trouble for a long time until recently.

    The lactobacillus is in the AZO yeast. It fights the yeast. My vaginal yeast infections are way down. Sheryl, it is located by the Monistat and comes in a yellow box. It is made by the same people who make AZO standard and AZO cranberry for bladder infections.

    I go to the NP tomorrow. Can't wait to see what else she says about me. She changed my Effexor to Cymbalta and this is my 2-week checkup for that. I'm wanting to talk to her about the supplements.

    I need to go buy some prunes. I actually like the taste pretty good myself. Once when I was a kid I kept eating them, You can guess where I spent my afternoon!

    I think the B-12 is really helping with my sleep. I know it is supposed to give you energy, but by keeping me going stronger through the day I am able to fall asleep better at night. I only woke up once last night instead of four or five times.

    I'm wordy today. Sorry. I hoped I answered any questions you guys may have asked.

    TM, I hope your MRI results were good. Let us know.

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    I don't know that you would need the prunes if you just do a few changes with some of your supp..

    Do you really need the iron??? That makes you constipated doesn't it???

    And if you would start the shake....Things would probably move a little better...And you would definetly sleep better..I sleep like a rock...

    I noticed my yeast creeping up when I was eating the prunes a lot...just a thought..

    But they are nice to have on hand..

    Plus I think vit. C helps things move a little??? I could be imagining

    Doesnt' mag. supplements help too???

    I don't really know...just stuff to think about..
  20. eeyoreblue02

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    and take iron supplements anyway. All of this is so confusing to me. I can't wait to see my NP tomorrow and get advice from her. I'll ask her about all of this.

    I have been meaning to start Stormy's Shake. I just haven't done it yet. I heard it helps you sleep. I heard Magnesium was good for pain. I'm not sure about yeast.