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    Hi I just read your post. I have only had FMS a couple of years. But I've had trouble with depression all my adult life. Why I don't know. My husband also has had depression. We've had a great Dr. to help us and we've been married 23 years. But most important is we are Christians. That's what has helped the most. But why is it Christians seem to have a hard time with medical help for depression? We just don't get it. To find a medication and a Dr. that helps is a blessing from God. It doesn't show a lack in our faith in HIM. The wrong don't you think is in not thanking HIM for that help, not in taking medication. I have a friend at church suffering from depression and she will not take her meds. because she thinks it's wrong! I've talked and talked to her. Well, I could go on and on about this subject, I just wanted you to know you have my support!! And you must be a very strong lady to do all you have done and been thru with for so many year.
    Many hugs to you, SharN in Ok.