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  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Jodie. You doin' alright tonite?? The weekend is
    almost here so I hope you can "restup" a bit. We have
    a new Thread going " Porchlight" so check in when you
    feel up to it. Football this weekend? Home game I hope.

    Freddie (Fredericka) came back! She says she really,
    really missed us! Trying to get together wiff her for
    the weekend! Hopefully we can resume where we left off!
    Think she is going thru a ruff time with the Victoria
    Secret people. Something about a contract negotiation.(?)
    Don't think she is quite old enough for Adult Day Care
    but at 28, not young enough to continue with her career.
    We are just all so disposable so quickly in life!!
    Suggested she speeak with Judge Judy! We shall see.

    "Talk" later, "K"?

  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Don't mind you "popping in" at all! Didn't know you had
    placed a Pic of the Kits. on the Bio. page. Are they
    getting along. My Daughter has a similar situation as
    she has acquired a cat to BB sit for a few mos. and the
    two "girls' are just kinda' tolerating each other! Maybe
    they will end up being friends?? The black one is the one
    you saved I'm guessing. Sure cute!! I don't think I
    heard what name you finally settled on?

    I actually pick out a cat on my own ONE time! I use to
    take he and the Dog (Buddies) fishing with me in the Sierra
    when I lived there. Animals are just great!!

    You are up late tonite. Do you have a lot of trouble

    "Talk tomorrow', "K" ?
  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    mr. dad:

    let's see you are a busy man getting ready to get dressed to the nines for freddie...she is so young and sizzling hot...who cares what her age is ...

    i met a couple of friends tonight...females that is...we had a glass or two of wine..i didn't have to drive..and i could walk home if i needed to...

    we had a good time listening to the jukebox and talking...
    one of our friends is getting a boob job in san francisco...

    she will look great.. going to the best..dr. leanard gray..he has a great website you can see before and after pics..not of mine though...i'll i have to go check to see if he put them in there yet.

    all of us ladies are or have going through cheating hb's and we all got a great boob job before the divorce...
    hey you can't split those 50/50 in exhb wanted visitation rights w/my breast...he was going to ask the judge for it...

    his loss..

    so cody has a home game on saturday around 1 pm. i think they play tamalpais...we are expected to win..

    one of the starting lineman either broke his ankle or did some severe tendon damage...cody said the foot was just flopping from the leg...he was put on morphine immediately and wisked away to the hospital by the paramedics...

    he was 285lbs..not skinny kid...but good and was quick.for his size.

    maybe fredrika and you can come to the game and cheer him up...and the whole team for that matter...

    but i know right now you need alone time w/fredricka.

    i may go out saturday night w/my friends not sure where we will wind up..


    thanks for asking about school...i spoke w/psychology teacher and she just informed that the school where i am going has just started a psychology major last week..

    i looked it over...i don't mind the psych classes..i have t take math all the way up to statistics..yikes...

    january i will be doing pre-elgebra. then upwards from it will take me about 4 more semester to get to statistics...

    and there is local college that knows about called sonoma state must have a 3.0 gpa to get into the program there...i pray i keep up the good work..

    i just need to remember to go to the tutors if i need it.

    the teacher said she thought i could be a good psychologist and could see me doing that...we chatted for about 20 minutes...i talked about my fibro and this website...she told me what to do for my term paper and told me i could go ahead and get started...

    we must do one of these even if we want to get a b or an a in her class...

    i have going to do mine dealing with the dynamics of a family member having bipolar/and borderline personality and the effects it had on our family....

    she will have a lot of good reading about this...i'm sure no new surprises...but interesting...

    it must be about our life...and something in the psychology book...our choice...

    well i think i am getting a cold darn it all..

    scratchy throat stuff..i keep praying it is just allergies..

    i have my math test on monday....and if i do not like my grade i can re-take again and keep the better i just need to review...and i have some more homework there as well...

    then i will be taking my psy test over three of the biggies on 10/ i will let everyone know how well i did...

    and the dragon speaking naturally class.. i went this morning at 10 am...and i finally got some work done...
    so hopefully i can keep whizzing along...and i am considering purchasing the i can do homework on it...

    or i can wait for voc rehab to purchase it for me...but not sure how long that will take...

    the lady said it was optional that i could meet w/a psychologist/or psychiatrist for like 5 hours of testing on me...i guess to see if i am worthy of attending school..

    i told her i only could do it on fridays...but i believe i won't waste my precious time doing that...i have to study..

    glad you got some great news today....

    i pray i just can keep up w/everything....

    i got approved for student i am going to see about buying a car from my cheating friends hb...he said he would give me a really good deal...

    he better he feels really guilty for what he has done to his gorgeous wife and daughter...

    well i am gonna try to get some sleep tonight
    then i need to go to ssa office and find out what the heck is the deal on my money they owe me...etc...

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You're going to buy a car from a known cheater and liar?

    I was a psych major. Never had to take statistics tho. My son was good at math. Took all those exotic things like calculus and trig.

    He went to Sonoma State. Nice campus. Greenery, a lake; small, about 5000 students. There are five little towns in a cluster there. Santa Rosa, Petaluma, etc.

    Tell me something about boob jobs. Why do women keep getting them w/ all the health hazards they present?

    One of the offices I worked in did a lot of medical malpractice. One of our attorneys kept an implant on his desk as a paperweight/conversation piece. After a year or so it started to leak.
  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey--greeting from the North State. No, and don't ask
    we ain't sending you anymore of our precious water!!

    Trivia: I started Sonoma State in Fall 0f '68 and we
    only had 800 students. In that Nov. R.M. Nixon was
    elected Pres. and I remember my Poli. SCi. teacher the
    next morning speaking on how it was a negative in her
    opinion! Graduated in '71 and now there our about
    10,000 going to school there. Santa Rosa in the mid-
    60's was only 28,000 Peeps. Now it's about 150,000 I
    believe. The quality of life in the Bay Area has dimin-
    ished greatly since then in almost every respect!

    Jodie: I had a GF who before I met her had been given
    unsolicited $$ by her mother who was in the BEAUTY
    Business to get an "enhancement". She took the money
    and spent it on London, Paris , Rome, Madrid and well
    you get the picture! She always looked fine to me.

    Ya sound better than the other day! I'm happy for that.
    Son and Daughter are in Tahoe for a wedding this week-
    end. Hope the weather is good up there as I believe it
    is outdoors. I thinK the Donner's have been invited to
    the "party" afterwards. Kinda' "pot-luck"!

    "Talk" later, "K"?

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