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    I read that you take Xyrem and like it. My doctor wants me to take it and I'm scared of it. The info package says its for "cataplexy with narcolepsy". Well, I have narcolepsy but NOT cataplexy.

    I don't like that you can only get it from one place. If it's a sedative, how can it help narcolepsy? I don't understand the mechanism.

    Right now I'm on Ritalin and getting used to it. The good part is that it makes me not hungry. I need to lose 40 lbs.

    I really would like your insight!!!! Thanks!!!!

  2. abbylee

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    Xyrem is also used for Narcolepsy and for fibromyalgia. It helps by putting you in delta (deep) sleep, and it helps regulate the other sleep stages. If you get the proper sleep at night, your narcolepsy symptoms should go away or at least improve.

    It's been approved for Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, but works on Narcolepsy and fms, too.

    abbylee PS - The reason you can get it from only one place is because it's so abused on the streets that this is the best way for the FDA to keep track of it.

    Also - you can call 1-800-823-8893 and speak with someone who has Narcolepsy and who is successfully using Xyrem.

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