To Ac77 and Madwolf, acrylic toxicity???

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    Hi Madwolf and Ac77, Ac I am so glad you stayed with us!

    I think my denture is making me ill, if I tell you the symptons, can you tell me what you think, and how I can find out for sure?

    First, for years I wore a upper metal partial, and wore it well, no problems of any kind.

    When I have a denture made or a impression, I get ill from the smell and the taste, and I can't wear it until the smell goes away.

    My first denture (for 5 years) isn't long enoung or high enough, It is always feeling to loose. My second one is higher, but not longer. A specialist told me I needed some bony ridges removed before I could wear a proper fitting denture with out pain.

    When I have it in, I have a searing hot burning vicelike pressure, pretty much all over. When I take it out, it still hurts but not as bad.

    About three years ago I started with a burning vicelike mask thru my face especially in the cheeks and up. It is there all the time. My cheek bones and the inner edges of my eyebrown bones hurt to the touch on both sides.

    For about the same amount of time, my nose and both sides on the cheeks are red, and I have a red pimply bumpy looking rash on both sides of my nose.

    My jaws ache all the time, I have severe tmj, that just got bad in the past year.

    On the right side, I get a burning imflamed feeling along my jaw into my ear and down that side of my throat. I get some of that on the left. My glands in my throat get swollen there also.

    My eyes burn all the time, and I have pressure and popping in my ears.

    I have had a constant sinus drip for the whole time I have had the denture, it gets thick and slimy.

    For over a year my upper throat has a red slightly raised rash on it, it is sensitive but not itchy.

    I get muscle spasms in my face and into the sides of head and sometimes down into the neck. I also get a tight vice like pain in the back of my head and and on the sides of the head.

    My neck and face and upper chest feels warm and sweaty alot, not a hot flash, and lasts for a long time when I get it.

    I have fm, before this denture I was a normal person, I lived and I worked and everything else. Over the past 3 years I have steadily felt sicker and sicker and more fatigued. I know it is not fm, because you should feel kinda ok once in a awhile, and I don't. I was told today that my spine is very flat, it never used to. And that I need some intense therapy in the neck,shoulder and spine area. All my joints hurt now and my muscles are all notted and ropey. I also lost 36 pounds in the past 3 years, I gain alittle back and loose it again.

    I had the second denture made because I couldn't stand the pain anymore. I can't keep that one in long enough to try and get used to it. I need the surgery to get a proper fitting denture made.

    I have thought that the denture is making me sick for a long time, but I can not get a straight answer, what I get is a dumb look while they scratch thier chin. One doc cecked me for latex allergy, latex and acrylic are not related. I am at the end of my rope, I need to be able to have teeth in my mouth and have this pain stop.

    I apoligise for this being long, can you tell me what you think and what type of doc to see to find out?
    P.s. I did see a dentist 2 years ago at tufts in Boston, he said the burning was a sign, but that my gums weren't overly red so he didn't think so. Bump

    Thanks so much for listening!!
    Love, Deb
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    When my daughter was little, she had problems with those little plastic shoes called "Jellies"---all the other kids wore them & she couldn't; her feet would turn red & itch horribly. Having had that experience, when it was time for a retainer (after braces), I asked her dentist what happens if she reacts badly to the plastic touching the roof of her mouth? He told me that there ARE other types of plastics & choices for retainers-----so I'm just guessing that there probably would be for something like dentures, too! Definitely inquire about this, I'm sure you aren't the only one with this problem...

    Good luck!

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    Thanks Madwolf and Pam, wouldn't you think your own dentist would come to that conclusion? Instead he get's totally frustrated, shaking his head, making me feel bad, like it is all in my head. Love, Deb
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    I think MadWolf covered it pretty well. It is possible you are allergic to the acrylic. The only way too know for sure is too use another material for the dentures. I know they can be PRICEY , as my dear Grandmother has them.

    My friend has TMJ and his dentist gave him clonazepam. I think the ZMA at night may help also, as the Magnesium acts as a mild muscle relaxant. Don't take flexeril as this I have never heard to help, but too make worse.

    All internal med docs, admitantly, know almost nothing about dental care. I guess they do that on purpose--in school and residency so that the dentist can make his living. He has too somehow!

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    I have thought about klonopin, but I took xanax for 6 years and had terrible post withdrawal from it. I just bought a bottle of the zma.

    I asked my dentist about other materials before, he said the only one he knew about was white in colour. I guess I have to do some investigating.

    It is funny what you said about dentists having to make money. Mine has charged a small ransom for every tooth I have had worked on, on average 500-800.00. Actually, he just turned 60 and is a very wealthy man.

    Thanks again,
    Love, Deb
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    Im so sorry about what you are going thru. Dad would know in a heart beat. He was the best...and im not sayin that because he was my dad. I would assume that your having a allergic reaction to the denture and also that it is not made right. I would say get the surgery and then try another type of material like Madwolf suggested. Hope you are okay...lots of love!! Pammy