To AC77 - please read before you leave!

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    I read your post under the anti-depressant thread and want to ask you to please reconsider leaving. I, for one, want more voices of experience and objectivity to stick around here. I sometimes feel I am the only one who is cynically questioning a treatment, or asking myself, "where is the money",when someone is pushing something. I may have read every piece of research for the past 17 yrs. since I got sick, and I may have studied Naturopathy for 2 years,and I may have run a support group for 10 yrs.,but I do not kid myself that my experiences are any substitute for having an M.D. We really do need more people like you!
    Most of us have limited energy, and we tend to respond only to those comments we have something to add to, or disagree with. A lack of responses may not mean people are not reading your posts at all. For myself, this is the first one of your posts I've seen, and I try to be here at least 4 days per week. Please give the Board a good try before you give up on us! Why not post a "hello" explaining your background and offering to answer questions for people? I guarantee you will be bombarded with attention! (Maybe more than you want)
    Thanks for taking time to read this,
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    I apologized in 3 threads and posted one recently. I am not leaving. I was just having a bad day, new meds and a personal insult by a few people and was being a child about it. I hope everyone doesn't get the wrong impression
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    I don't think anyone got the wrong impression; we're just all glad you are sticking with us. We may snip at one another here from time to time, but this is one of the finest groups of people I have had the privlege to know. I also think this is the best the board has been in the two plus years I have been coming here.

    What a wonderful resource this place is for us, thanks to our members, members like you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank goodness you are not leaving. We have all the short-comings of any community, then throw in chronic illness, depression, mood swings, varying degrees of knowledge on our disorders; it's no wonder friction arises occassionally.

    We do have most importantly, a quest and desire to get well, and none of us as islands will be able to attain this, I don't believe. I think this will be a collective effort--with we who are pro-active pushing the rope with all our might. We cannot just depend on the powers that be, but must diligently research, question, and strive to help bring about a solution to the cause and cure of these disorders.

    All dialog and information sharing is thought provoking, all treatments are worth considering, and all opinions are worth examining, by each and every one of us.

    I am greatful for the emotional support that is offered here at this board. I am even more greatful, for the thought processes, treatments, and experience shared, because after all, that is what gives us hope in our quest for wellness.

    You are an asset---and I am greatful that you are remaining, so that we may all work together for wellness.

    Regards, LL
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