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    yes, to delta sleep and pain relief and improved cognitive functions. i wish i'd bought 84 cases of gbh from the health food store before it was taken off the market. i GUESS i can understand how it might be abused, but for myself, it was almost like being an alive human being again (and sadly i did not discover it until so late into CFS/ME/FM--I've had this stuff since 85.

    and i just saw Xyrem yesterday as prescribed med. i have an appointment to see my cfs/fm doc and i am going to talk with him. the problem is, i suppose, that it is so closely monitored for physicians and clients, that i do not know if he is willing to take on such a hassle.

    i have tried EVERYTHING that i could get prescribed or ordered or obtained for this stuff and as you know, it ebbs and flows. the things that worked last month might not be working next month.

    NOTHING makes me sleepy. klonopin helps, ambien helps. no big time opiod makes me sleepy. i've tried medical marijuana; i've tried lavender flower name it.

    and nothing keeps me awake--provigil just makes me nauseated. speed makes me sleepy. ritalin used to work--haven't tried it in years...

    i'll let you know my experience with my doc about Xyrem.

    good luck.

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    Thanks Oonie! I look forward to hearing how it goes. You are our point-person on this one it seems. Good luck! A