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    Thanks for the warnings. And hello to a fellow vet. To start yourself off, contact the nearest VA clinic or VA hospital. I don't know where you live, but any VA facility will send the paperwork to get started for getting medical treatment that you so much deserve.

    Once you are in the system, then contact a Disabled Veterans person (look in phone book), to start a claim for your disability.

    The one requirement that VA makes is for your income. If you make less than $9,000.00 a year, then you should qualify for medical treatment. They don't include your house (primary residence) in the equation.

    If you need any more help, PLEASE let me know. All our vets deserve the medical and psycological services that is provided.

  2. TYVM also, for your info on VA, a while back, people on here tried to help me also, but, the only sites I could find were for veterans to 'find jobs', homes, etc... not a single thing on who to contact, how to find anyone near me, etc etc etc..

    I'm in Seymour, Indiana... as far as *I* know... the 'nearest' hospital, is in Indianapolis... (65 miles away) but, I'm not even sure... The last person I spoke to on the phone, who told me I should apply, was just 15 miles or so away from me... and was kind enough to send me a LETTER (which I KEPT, since he again states that I should qualify for benefits), and to contact him if I needed any further help... I have his *name* that's about it...

    He had also sent me a paper with numerous e-mail addresses, right up to the *white house*... and even a woman to contact that is 10 miles from here!!!

    Hubby accidentally threw it out!!! But, anyways... someone on here, told me to make sure I got a disability advocate, rather than (??? some other type of disability person to help me) as they said the other 'type' of person, works more so *against* you, rather than with you, and for you...

    Sorry, my brain won't work past remembering that...

    Anyhow, I worry, since it's nearly 2009. and my discharge date was 2-2-01, but, someone on here won, after like 15 yrs... and they've NOW (I learned this on MSChat, and a website given) that, if you were diagnosed with *MS* within 7 yrs of your discharge date (I WAS)... it is actually being considered a 'service injury' (not exact name, but, something like that, service acquired injury or illness... something like that)...

    Anyways, this town is about 16,000 people... also, I had worried because my recruiter did not disclose my genetic illness, that, in 1996, was the reason I'd been rejected from the regular army- because, of *course* I knew about it also- but, other people have told me, it doesn't matter, I'd told HIM more than once, until he *finally* said "shhh! I can't keep hearing that"...

    It's his fault, since the recruiters here, as I said before, got in some serious trouble shortly after I got home from training, for, allowing all kinds of people in, that did not belong, and that included people with illnesses, injuries, etc...

    Any help is appreciated, thanks for the advice.


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