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    Yes I do have to confess I am a fabricaholic. I have about 10 boxes of fabric (at the moment)

    My hubby says I need to go to FA haha yea right if that ever existed. I love fabric and I'm a quilter. Everywhere I go I look for fabric. my hubby laughs at me with my excessive need to buy fabric.

    what do you sew/make? I make quilts (thats my passion) and I do sew some cloths, when I'm in the mood. I think maybe because it helps me not be in pain I can loose myself in sewing or being creative.

    I noticed you live in alabama. I will be making a trip there in Dec to see my new grandbaby (#4) I'm so excited I love back there. My family is from Tenn and Oklahoma. so its like getting a big hug from family when I go back there.

    we'll have to be creative and do some kind of long distance project. That would be fun dont you thing.