To all Bextra Users...Important info

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  1. achy

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    I had tried Bextra...two whole pills...and had a violent asthma attack...but I didn't know this info.....

    Go to The home page and click on latest drug news...or just search for Bextra..I was amazed

    FDA and Pharmacia Issue New Warnings for Pain Drug: Bextra (valdecoxib)
    The labeling is being updated with new warnings following postmarketing reports of serious adverse effects including life-threatening risks related to skin reactions -- including Stevens Johnson Syndrome, and anaphylactoid reactions (serious allergic reactions). In addition, the labeling will state that the drug is contraindicated -- not to be used -- in patients allergic to sulfa containing products.

    Warm fuzzies
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    because I am allergic to sulfa. Thanks for the additional info.