To all Duragesic users - Survey on breakthrough meds/etc

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    I just started using the Duragesic patch and it has been working really well (50mcg). I had a problem with them sticking etc so I heard/read to get med tape for them......did that, and they still would come off etc - pain in the butt, but I kept trying because I couldn't believe I could actually "simply" go to the park and swing my toddler son up over my shoulders, go shopping and lift certain things. Anyway, I read I needed to get to brand vs the generic as far as them sticking better and they work better - so I did.

    I got the brand, which was expensive, but I din't care; I did at first, but there we all go "when you are in pain, you JUST want to be able to have a life and give it a go!!"

    I get them, and followed the directions to the "T" and then one fell off within hours and I lost it; couldn't find it - worring my baby woould find it too. I had to put a new one on.
    I also noticed, that I don't think the brand works as NEARLY as good for pain relief as the generic. I have to take more breakthrough medication because I am not getting the releif I did with the generic. I just have some questions for you for some help to encourage me on what to do with them!
    For the first time (when on the generic), I was able to wake up, not have to wait for my meds to kick in to help my children, or eat.....just simple things everyday people can do and I am really excited to continue the patch but need to fine-tune how they work.

    I would appreciate ANY feedback on my questions below as to what helps you - I know we are all different, but I need some encouragement.
    If these patches don't end up working, I am literally ready to give up on all meds/herbs and just live with the pain. I have children to take care of and I am sensitive to medications (a lot of fibro patients are) and I can't hang some with freaky side affects, but these patches haven't given any weird side affects - thank God, so I am being very optomistic/patient about the patches. Thank you SO much for your time!

    (1) Have you tried the generic and the brand and if so, did you notice a difference in the pain relief and the the way they stick?

    (2) What type of breakthrough medication(s) works for you and appox how often do you think you have to take it a day?
    (I know everyday is different depending on your activity level, but approx).

    (3) How long have you been on them?

    (4) Where is the best place to apply them that works for you? (I have been rotating my upper arms)

    (5) How long where you in a certain MG(or mcg) before you had to go higher?

    I hope you all are having a nice weekend and getting a chance to get some rest! Have a good day.
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    i was on 50, 75 and then 100 mcs patches. i think about a year or so, had problems with them falling off so i called the company and they sent me these.
    boiclusive transparent dressing
    4in by 5in
    made by johnson and johnson medical
    arlington, texas 76004 us pat: no: 4,614,183
    product order line 18002552500
    there is a reorder no. on this package as well 2463
    these worked great for me. hope this helped bill
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  4. lumediluna

    lumediluna New Member

    wow, great info - THANK YOU!!!

    Now I really don't feel alone with this patch situation.
    Are there anymore of the Duregesic patch users on the board right now that can give me their in-put?
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    I just started the 25 generic a month ago - I use Tegaderm patches to put over mine as the generic does not send a cover like the name brand.

    I don't feel like it is very effective but I have heard too that the label is better?? I am going to try and get the label this time and see if I notice a difference if I do I will call to get the covers they send

    I should note that the first one I put on I did feel some pain relief but it's like all the rest have been duds.

    Oh and I buy the tegaderm patches at Walgreens - I could not find them at our Wal-mart here. but they are clear and let your skin breathe so it is safe to use it over the patch.

    I do know they are doing something though as like another poster said I am constipated but my Dr. perscribed a perscription laxative I don't remember the brand name but it is Glycocil if I am spelling it right.

    It is a powder that you put into juice or something each night and drink it. It does not work right away but also just keeps me more regular very seldom do I get diarhea with it.

    I also wanted to let you know on the pain aid website they have a whole part of it just for the patches and I got alot of information off of that. I hope it is ok for me to tell you that??

    Oh and I just put them on my arms - I tried my chest once but it did not work out well

    I take percocet 10 3 times a day for the breakthrough pain most days sometimes 4

    Hope that helps some

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    Hi I've been on the patch about 2yrs. when they went generic my ins co made me get them. I started out at 25 like most people I think they should just skip that one as it doesn't seem to work for anyone.

    I'm on l50mcg. right now with Oxycodone 10/325 4x a day, the generic did not work on my at all although I do think they stuck better.

    My Dr told me she had other people telling her the generic didn't work but she kind of didn't believe them till I told her :)) I seem to be her one pt that she has to force these meds on.

    She now rights Medically Necessary at the bottom of the script for the Duragesic and the above posters are correct there is an 800# on the Duragesic box to call for the Bioclusive covers which are a god send really, esp if you have kids.

    You know never put them where your child can rip it off, there have been some tradgedies this way, not trying to tell you what to do but I just worry about people with little ones in the hse.

    I have tried several places but I keep going back to my upper arms, I change mine every 3 days, I really need every 2 but my ins. will not pay.

    The above poster who said hers loses effectivness after the first day should prob be on a higher dose or change every 2 days. The American Pain Foundation has lots of info on the patch if you google them.

    take care,

  7. lumediluna

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    I am bunping again. This is the ONLY fibro place I go for support/advice and info and you all have been great support and I thank you for that!

    We live with this pain day after day and it is so nice to have that support so you don't feel alone - you will just have to excuse my spelling - even took some college courses etc.....but you know how fogged we get.

    Thanks again!!

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    thanks for those who haven't seen this post that may reply.
    I go to my docs next week and I would like to gather as much info. or I should say experiences at all.

    The 1st time I used them, they gave me generic and they seemed to work for the pain, however they didn't stick. Then I got the brand and they worked for the pain, but still didn't stick (lost 2). I did get the covers for them and they work GREAT if put on really well with a lot of patience.

    The brand cost me $100.07 per mo and generic $7.00 per mo - HUGE difference! Do you think I should go back to generic?

    I have also noticed they only last about 2 days and 3 is pushing it. Then when you put a new one on, it takes a while for the medicine to kick in is what I experience.
    I guess that is why they prescribe the breakthrough meds. My problem is, when I feel better as far as my pain level, I push myself, praying I will still feel ok the next day or so, and I get knocked off the ground.

    I have no clue how I made it through this month - I am sure it is the grace of God!

    Wishing you all a good Friday :)

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