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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Plantscaper, May 30, 2003.

  1. Plantscaper

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    Where did your painful symptoms start, and in what parts of the body are they presently? I seem to having a lot more pain in the lower back, shoulders and neck...on a daily basis..What have you found to be good treatments?
  2. barny

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    hi there fbro freind my pain started in my chest then arms then soon to my legs now my hands hurt all the time does anboby getflutters in there stomach or round there heart my dr says it just fms but not so sure .i found accupuntre in my back help alot ive just had it done again in my neck hands and elbows have to wait and see if that has worked my lowwer back hurt for a long timr but the pain has eased alot you cabn get acc done on the nhs see your therepist she will do it for you ive had 3 sessions done know try it my fibro buddy good luck
  3. kellyann

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    It started in my knees, then shoulders, elbows and wrists. Now every joint I have hurts, even my jaw bones hurt. The only thing I get any relief from is a heat pad or a hot bath. I hope you feel better soon!
  4. Plantscaper

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    I had a person suggest to me that detoxification with glutathione would prevent Fibro...and or help in its treatment..

    Have you tried that or any other detox methods that you think has been effective for Fibro? If that were so, I wondered how much is needed/day.

    I have had CFS for 25 years, but fairly new to Fibro pain, although have had most of the other symptoms..

    I am taking the Premenses you suggested and I think it helped bring on my period earlier this month..I have had some problem with you have that kind of reaction..I have not found the other supplement you recommended, yet..Do you not need to take any progesterone?

    Hope your garden is growing well...I have planted tomato plants and flowers...and trying to get plants ready to be sold this summer..but my ailing back is slowing me down...

    Hope your days are great,

  5. Princessraye

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    It started with neck, shoulders and right jaw pain. They thought it was TMJ but it's not.
    Eventually it went to the lower back and buttocks and eventually all over.
    I think the CFS was an off and on thing in my 20's hit very hard in my mid 30's and has stayed bad. (I am 45)

    I do try to be very careful not blame everything on this DD. In other words if I lifted something too heavy and my lower back hurts then it is because I lifted something too heavy.
  6. Plantscaper

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    I found that I cannot sleep in a horizontal position, so I have to sleep in a recliner (for about a year, now) or my back will hurt all day long...during Christmas, it hurt the whole vacation, because I was sleeping in a bed instead of the recliner...

    THE BEST POSITION FOR ME IS LAYING ON THE FLOOR WITH MY LEGS ELEVATED...relieves the pressure off the back..Does this situation connect with you guys that have experienced this for many years?
  7. Myth

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    For me it started in my knees mostly. My doc thought it was because I was hyper-mobile and certainly the pain seemed to inflict the joint areas a lot way back when. Then it started 'collecting' in my hips, middle back and shoulders. Right this minute it is in the shoulders, neck, and lower back. I don't know though I mean there is localized pain and there is overall pain. I am always in overall muscle pain, but if fixes in different places at a higher pain level. I have not found any good treatments for pain, except the hard to come by pain killers. But for my lower back pain when it gets real bad I like to put those 'cold patches' on it and I find that soothing. they can be worn right under the clothes and last for two hours.
  8. Dara

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    neck area. Now, all I can say is it travels all over the place. Some days I can't even hold a coffe cup because of my hands hurting so bad. Other days it's my lower back, both feet, elbows, arms, chestpains, etc., My doctor asked me the other day what my level of pain was, well I tried explaining to her that can change in 30 seconds or less. What works best for me on my shoulders & neck & elbows is ice packs. Heating pad on my lower back.

  9. Plantscaper

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  10. reva727

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    The first thing I can remember hurting was my right shoulder. I'm right handed and do a lot of reading, and it seemed light my right shoulder was always tight and sore. Back then I hadn't heard of fibromyalgia, but I had read something about fibrositis and I asked my doctor if that was what I had. He told my I had fibromysitis. I have taken many things through out the years. Right now I take oxycotin but I am also taking several natural suppliments such as malic acid and flax seed oil.
  11. Lanie

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    in my neck, shoulders, arms and moved down my body. Still the worst is in my back and neck. My FM was the result of severe whiplash so that might make a difference. I have the pain daily and it just ranges from bad to worse. No, I am not being sarcastic. lol

    Besides my meds, I think heat helps along with a massager. Not those vibrating kinds but the ones that move like little fists around your pain. I know massage therapy would do wonders, but unfortunately I cannot afford it.

    Best wishes,
  12. kmelodyg

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    My pain started in my lower back and pelvic area. It then spread to my knees and feet, and occasionally my middle and upper back and shoulders. I get neck pain and random pain everywhere else. It definatly does change every 30 seconds! What's up with that??