To all my friends~

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    I don't leave my home much due to anxiety, panic attacks, pain and fatigue, but I do know how important friends are in our lives.

    Since joining this site I have made more friends than I had in my entire "normal" life. Friends do not have to walk through your door.....they can always walk back out.....when they find that "your life" does not equal up to what they want in their life.

    The friends I have made here on this site have all my respect, love, trust and admiration, and have given so much to others. They share information, love, support, prayers, empathy and even a smile when we need it most.

    For all of you, I wish a very Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year, and may we all keep God close in our hearts and minds***Jole***

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    the mirror just right at the proper time , we may just catch a glimpse of the Guardian Angel that He has appointed to each and every one of us !

    We are never alone...... I can feel the warmth of His love right now ! :>)

    Blessings ,

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    Your reply just brought something back to memory.....when I was still working as a nurse (before I had to quit) one of the other nurses I was friends with came up to me one day and asked me if I believed in guardian angels. I told her I did very strongly.

    She said her then 7 year old son told her that he had seen his guardian angel in the mirror many first it sent chills down her, then gave her peace. That same year he was diagnosed with ADD and had a terrible time with his teacher in school, belittling him in front of the other kids.

    She then knew that's why his guardian angel had appeared to let him know he would never be alone through his struggles, even when put down and punished for something beyond his control.

    This story made me cry...and be happy all at the same time. And I believe it completely because she (the nurse/mother) was such a great individual.

    It just goes to show once more the wonderous power of God and His love for us***Jole***