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  1. ozgran

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    I have had limited time to come to this board the last few days and I find it hard to catch up with so many new members individually. So I would just like to say a BIG welcome to you all and you will find this board a wonderful support. Love and hugs to you all. Ozgran.
  2. cristine04

    cristine04 New Member

    Thanks for the welcome! I am one of the new members and find this board to be a superior source for information and support!

  3. jstbrznby

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    It isn't always easy be a new kid on the block so it is wonderful to be welcomed. I too, have been spending a lot of time here, soem because I am just blown away that all the symptoms I have been living with are so real for other people, after all the months and years that everyone thought I was just a drug addict from the pain meds at least now 'I' know I am not just nuts! SO, thanks for having us. Hugs.....Pam
  4. oblar

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    Thank you!
    I am so glad I came across this site. I was beginning to think that because of the chronic pain issue with FM etc, and how docs treat it finding help was nill. Never entered my mind to see about a Pain Specialist! Thanks to all the wonderful suggestions etc, I will call and make an appointment. Thank you again!!
  5. 1maqt

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    I haven't been here much lately either, wanted to say hello to you and that I have missed you!! Glad to heear your're back. I am still doing very well! I can't keep up either, don't see a lot of the old ones?

  6. swanee

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    hi to everyone! I feel exactly like you all describe. I have Fibromyalgia and M.E.(well-- thats ahat they've told me!) I have been housebound for nearly five months now and this was a great idea to get the internet. If only I knew how to use it! I have been amazed by how many people are the same as me-It was like reading my own life history! Does anybody else have a stoma? I am an ileostomist as well-I had this as I had severe ulcerated colitus-would be interested to know if anybody had illness or operations before Fibro or CFS? Sorry there is so much I need to know!! Thanks for reading God Bless
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  7. klh4

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    Hi Ozgran:

    Thanks for the welcome. I like this site. will continue to use it. I come and go according to my symptoms.

    love health and peace

  8. kar1953

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    Ozgran, I was so happy to stumble on this site. The support here is fantastic. Even if you just need to vent it seems like someone else has been there, done that! So someone out there knows what each one of us is going through. I have passed on the web site to my sister who also has FM. She just got hooked up to net & is NOT computer savvy!!! I'm sure she will appreciate all of you out there also.

    Thanks again.......Kathi