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    To All Who Have Read My Posts,
    Thanks for the help, and information! I really need the support in this time, I have a lot of other issues going on in my life, and it's nice to have a place to go for some of them, and all for those I chat with in the chat room. This website is truley a great place for all to come if they need help of any kind. To those who have responded to my other posts, thank you. I'm not sure who replied this "menapause usually makes endo. go away", I sure hope this next decade goes quick, I'm still a baby!!! :) I thought about fertilty treatments, but I'm far from being able to afford going that route. It's not like all is lost, because I already have one little sweet boy (who is currently experiecing terrible two syndrome!! lol!), so I do have one kid to watch grow up. My husband however, would like one more baby, and I dont have the heart to tell him that my womens intuition is already telling me it's too late. I really hope not, but it would break his heart, he is great with Jaden, and was great for me when I was pregnant. But thank you for the fertility advice :) Not even sure if i could handle quads tho if I went that route!!! That's a lot to handle!! Any women who can do it a true blessing from god!!
    Anyhow, thank you all for all the support and encouragement! :) I hope I get a response back to this one!

    p.s. i have never been diagnosed with fm, but it would explain alot. if i have it, it makes my back hurt worse than ever before!!

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