To all School bus drivers..any advise?

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    I drive school bus and noticed that several others on the board do too. Was just wondering if you find that driving bothers your fms? I drive a transit and the steering wheel is huge (84 bluebird). With all the turning that we do I am finding myself so exhausted after a 4hr route. I work a 4hr afternoon shift this is all I need financially and all I can handle physically.
    Also, do any of you have problems with sleep and if so what do you take to sleep and still be refreshed in the a.m.
    I love my job but have not worked for 6 month at my a.m. shift due to severe fatigue and sleepless nights.
    The district is being very accomidating with me but next year when we bid on routes I might be out of a job due to the fact that mornings are so difficult.
    Any suggestions?? I find the split shift also exhausting because just as you start to relax and wind down it is time to go back. Any tips that you all have that I could use would be great. This job is physically demanding but I love it and want to continue working. The district I work for is very large and a 50hr work week is not uncommon.

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    I'm so glad you posted about driving bus. I couldn't for the life of me remember who I communicated with before on my post about going back to work. I was just thinking of you today but couldn't remember your name!

    Yes, I find that the bus is hard on me. I notice my arms, back & legs get tired easier than they used to. I am still on part time. 3 half days & 2 full days.

    Did it not work out for you to work 2 full days? I thought you had mentioned you were going to try it. That's what gave me the idea to try a couple of full days.

    I had some pretty rough mornings - stiff & sore. Got up 1/2 hr. early to do stretches just so I could get ready to go.

    I take Clonazepam for sleep when needed. It does not leave me groggy at all in the a.m. I usually wake up once - maybe twice during the night, but if I don't get up I go right back to sleep.

    I get home in the morning around 9:15 - usually nap around
    11. Usually sleep till 12:30 or so, then lunch & leave at 2 for afternoon run (on full days). Nap for about an hour after I get home at 4:30.

    Hope this helps you a little. I know I would not like to give up driving just yet. I want to work 9 more years if I can.

    Take care..........Kathi

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    I chickened out and did not go back full time! I knew that It would just put me into another flair and then I would be stuck having to work full time again. My doctor will only give me Ambein for sleep which stopped working long ago. Will not give the drug you are taking. I was on elavil which was really starting to help with sleep but had to go off because of urinary problems it was causing.
    So, basically the sleep issue is what is preventing me from going back full time. I love this job and just want to be able to complete a school year working full time. I am glad it is working out for you back at it full time. I never did take a leave of absence just reduced work hours. This DD is the pits when you have a job you like and want to workk!!!
    Thanks for answering,
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    Well, today was one of my full days. My whole day is not much longer than your afternoon run! My whole day is 5.5 hrs. How do you go 4 hrs. in that bus? I could not sit that long. Maybe you have a break between routes? I sure hope so.

    I had a pretty good day which is surprising since I didn't sleep last night & only got a 15 min. nap today. Tonight I had to take pain med.

    I'd like to communicate with you sometime through email or instant messenger. If you'd like to let me know your email. If not, that's ok too.

    Just think - couple more weeks & summer vacation!!

    Take care.......Kathi