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    Hi im fibrolady37 & i posted not to long ago asking if anyone has sygrens syndrome.
    I got a lot of replies & id really like to hear from any sufferers to keep in touch with.
    My skin is so dry in the hot sun i have to put rehydrating cream on my whole body all day & night.
    Which is really hard because i got diagnosed with arthritis a few weks ago & the pain is unbearable its really getting me down big time.
    Im really looking forward to mailing other sufferers to see if we can help each other.
    Take care
  2. greatgran

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    Hi Fibrolady,

    I was just dx with sjogrens last week..I went to see a rheumy to rule out lupus,which he did but then told me I had cfs/fibro and sjogrens..

    He did not give me any advice except to get some eye drops and he would call me after he got my labs back..Well, he called and it would have to be the one day I go out..He left a message that my labs were essentially normal..Nothing else..I have called back requesting him call me again but so far haven't heard..So I am left clueless as what to do..

    I do have the eye problem but thought it was from allergies
    but then I have read that the allergy and sinus problems could be caused by sjogrens..Also my skin is so dry but don't have the dry mouth to bad..My liver enzymes are elevated, wonder if that could be from the sjogrens..

    This is new to me so any input would be welcome as I haven't anything to offer you except I have been dx with this syndrome..So would like to keep in touch and hear
    all about you, how you were dx, symptoms, treatments etc..

    God Bless,
  3. adirondackhoney

    adirondackhoney New Member

    got it, hate it
    cindy lou

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