To all that have no ins or medical coverage there IS HELP

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    I know many here are having fiancial problems while waiting for medicare or SSDI. There is fiancial assistance for you.

    If you have NO insurance, ask your Dr about pharmacutical co programs. They give you many of the meds you need, except for pain meds. But BP, thyroid, cholestrol, ect.

    Most Dr have a person who does nothing but file for their patients to get the free meds. Mine charged $10 for a filing fee for 90 day scripts.

    I am on SSDI and get medicare and the state pays all but $16 for my prescription ins and I pay $2 and $5 co-pay.

    Most hospitals have a federal finacial aid program for people that have low income, even if you have medicare or insurance.

    The last year I have had over $30,000 in medical bills, had foot surgery, then many MRI's and CT scan, one MRI was $12,000 alone, it was a total spine.

    I paid nothing. The hopital takes was Medicare pays and writes the rest off. I would have never been able to have my foot surgery or all the other tests otherwise because of the 20% I would have paid.

    Please talk to your Drs and call the Fiancial Aid Dept of your hospital. You have to provide bank statements, proof of employment or SSDI, and that is about it. So make that call to see if you qualify- Good luck-Carla
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    is when you're undergoing reconsideration after initial turn-down from SS, as you're still considered by those companies as eligible for SS...

    My son was caught in the loophole there for many months as that's when the new drug program for Medicare went thru, even tho it didn't apply to SSI (for which he was applyingO=) -- I applied for him on many programs, was turned down on all because of the wait time for the reconsideration.

    Now the problem is the controversy over 'chronic lyme' and how to treat, or not... they aren't giving assistance for that dx.

    But I agree, there are a lot of good pt assistance programs for 'standard' meds and protocols... along with the reduction in prices for certain generic RXs at many places... also Walgreens has a family plan that has helped us to save $$ on our meds that otherwise we would never get an assist with.

    all the best,

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    But my problem is that I have disability, but have a year left before Medicare kicks am in limbo right now. No insurance companies will take me, and the state ins. program only pays 50%. Guess I'll take it and hope nothing big comes up.....just really can't afford the 50% either, and that's after a $1,500 deductible!!

    Will save the farm though if something catastrophic happens, but our little farm barely gets us by! Will just cross my fingers for a year and look into the medication help part. Thanks for the info.
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    Sure wish they had something like this for Dental.???

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    It has nothing to do with SSDI, Medicare or any of that. The assistance is there for ANYONE that needs it, as long as your income is within their limit.

    I had to go a year without any insurance after I got my SSDI- it only took me about 9 months and no lawyer, so I had to wait a year for medicare.

    My Dr set me up with pt assit programs for most my meds, she only charged me $45 instead of the $80. I had another Dr only charge me half price for phelbotomes, blood work and office calls. Ask your Dr if they offer better prices on self pays?

    The state also offers programs depending on your income. I didn't know it until I was getting my mom on medicade when she went to the nursing home.

    Some states give asssistance or buy down options for medical bills, all income based. I was not aware of any of this until I got mom set up.

    It doesn't hurt to call and ask. I do hope this helps some who truly need and deserve it-Carla
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    honestly Carla, I tried and tried because my son's abx were very expensive... the other problem was that it took so long to get approval then (6-8 weeks) that it was likely he wouldn't still be taking them by the time they were approved, as they were being changed every 4 to 8 weeks to see what worked best. (Another problem, the time lag in the programs.) He definitely fell thru the cracks in our health system.

    Altho I've not tried since, I think with the controversy over how to treat lyme now - or rather the fact there IS chronic lyme, they'd likely still not help. sorry for being cynical, but, chronic lymies have a hard time getting treated by the establishment.

    I don't doubt if one is stabilized on meds for which the need is established as 'standard', it'll work, with some patience; don't mean to discourage anyone at all.

    But when I was trying to deal with it for my son in 2005, there'd been a lot of pt assistance programs that were changed/in upheaval when that new MediCare 'drug benefit' program went into effect...

    so it sounds like things are better organized now, hopefully.

    all the best,

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    A lot of states now are putting serious caps on medicaid even for kids. Danny alreday ran out of lab work units in February after two draws!!! (we never heard of this before and wonder if someone else's draws were put on his ticket? Appears not, they lowered all the thresholds "to make sure people only get needed tests done"-well that made me so sad, as if a child is ill, and a doc feels they need a test, and we always ask, "Is this test absolutely essential?" due to Danny's autism making tests so hard for him, then it comes as a shock when a 13 year old autistic and diabled child gets an almost $800 bill for labs sent to HIM!

    We are working wiht the hospital for overrides, plus I am sure they may absorb some tests that were done there if we ask. People presume we have money due to having big educational backgrounds, I always have to remind doctors "we are poor" this is why my puter goes down, it was donated to us for $25 voluntary contribution and is pretty old!

    That reminds me, most places now they have orgs., that fix up older puters, put in new mother boards, and will give them away to needy folk.

    Thanks for the PPA information. To get your PPA contact, type the name of your drug company (the one who makes the pill, non generic version) and plus PPA.
    eg Merck plus PPA.
    Most have a cut off threshold of about $35,000 family of three, so anyone eraning below that or have more kids, will qualify for help. They send the pills directly to your own doctor, where you collect them usually-some will mail to your door. Ask for three month supplies if you can.

    All drug companies have 1 800 numbers for advice for any pill you are taking and that 1 800 will put you onto their PPA too.

    Love Annie
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    Good idea. I put a note on the Depression board that your thread on this topic was here.

    Seems this topic comes up every 6 months or so, but I couldn't find any past discussions when I tried to search.

    Back in the 1980s when I wasn't working, I went to a school in Los Angeles that trained psychologists. I saw a very nice and competent student. Paid $5 a session.

    After graduation he opened an office in Beverly Hills. I saw him a few times just to say thank you. I think he was charging about $100-$125 then.

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    Also, I was in the hospital last night with my mother and they gave us a brochure that said they will discount their services 70% if you have no insurance, or if you are under-insured.

    They allow monthly interest free payments on your negotiated balance. In some cases if you income is low enough, they will make you a 100% charity case.