to all that replied to elevated liver enzymes Thanks so much!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by campbeck97, Jun 6, 2009.

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    Thanks for all the encouragement ,prayers and suggestions I really appreciate you all soooo much!! I am on the same medications I have been on for several years morphine, xanax, tenormin, synthroid, ambien and a few supplements calcium, fish oil, AO antioxidant, folic acid. and correctol laxative. i have actually cut down on the morphine, xanax doses and cut out soma and other muscle relaxers over last he last few month completely. I did recently start Bio Identical hormones as of 5/25/09 but had taken them in the past without any harm. what about things like cleaners or lotions(i have been using a tanning cream to get some color as I dont want to lay out and get a sunburn ,peel and all that stuff so I have been using a self tanning lotion. could they effect the liver?? I also have lost alot of weight this winter thinking it would be a good thing with high cholesterol, and diabetes which I'm glad to report were all much improved at my recent checkup.would losing weight effect the liver? So many questions huh. thanks again to all of you. God Bless
  2. caroleye

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    Unfortunately, unless you're using "organic" lotions, suntan lotions, etc. (most likely to find at health food store), they will have chemicals in them.

    Our poor liver filters everything that goes in or on our bodies, so we have to protect it from anything that is toxic (e.g. chemicals).

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