To all the newbies

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ozgran, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. ozgran

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    I am hopping on the bandwagon of someone else here, but I am now too tired today to answer you all individually. I will no doubt catch up with you somewhere sometime. In the meantime you are in a great place, with lots of support and information. ((((((((Hugs)))))))))) Love Ozgran.
  2. AchyAchyBod

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    I appreciate the welcome!


  3. srollins

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    Any newbies. I know how it feels to be new! Anyway I can't focus well enough to be able to catch all the new people to make sure they get a good welcome but that does not mean that I am intentally ignoring them. I feel for us all .If there is anything I can say to help anyone get through another day I am here for you. Let me also say THANKS for those that have been of benefit to me.
    We never know when we might be able to touch someone in a very positive way. So I just want to say that I appreciate this board very much and hope that I will be of help to someone someday.
    I am sorry maybe this should have been put on the other board, I don't know.
    Thats one of the reasons I haven't done more posting. I have alot to say but I am afraid of saying it wrong.
    How is everone elses self confidence?
    Hugs from me in the Buckeye state, Shirley