To all those taking lyrica

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Pinky, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Pinky

    Pinky New Member

    I started taking Lyrica about 3 monthes ago and have had amazing results. I would love to hear from any and all that are or have taken this drug and your experiences with it. I was diagnosed with this DD almost 6 years ago and this is the only recommended treatment that has even put a dent in the pain I was experiencing. And I am finally getting the sleep I did not get for 5 years! I still continue with other treatments I felt helped to control other symptoms of this DD but have been able to cut down considerably on Ultram.
    The only side effects I have experienced with the Lyrica is head pressure & migrains, blurry vision, and drowsiness.
    Thanx to all for your input.
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  2. bigdogrescue

    bigdogrescue New Member

    I've been taking the Lyrica for a few months now. I will say that it has helped me sleep when nothing else could but I don't feel any relief from the pain really. Unless it is relieving pain and I would just be much worse without it. I'm fairly new to all this and the pain has only gotten much worse recently. I can't even make it through the grocery store without being miserable and ready to drop from exhaustion and pain. But the neurologist just bumped up my dosage quite a bit so maybe that will help. I'm so glad its working for you!
  3. Meghanne

    Meghanne New Member

    I just started about three weeks ago at 50 mgs twice a day. Yesterday it was increased to 75 twice a day. Not much help yet, but I'm still hopeful. My doc says it's really helped some of his worst fibro patients.
  4. dazedconfused

    dazedconfused New Member

    I started taking lyrica a week ago, I had to take 1 50mg. capsule every night for 2 nights and then 1 50mg. capsule during the day and 2 50mg. capsules at night. I have been gaining weight for the past year and now my mouth is so dry I can't stand it, I don't think the weight gain is just from the lyrica, it is from the fibro and me not being as active as I use to be. I have not notice much difference since taking the lyrica, in fact I think my pain is getting worst, I do my stretching go to physical therapy and I take my meds. and I don't feel any better except the lunesta does help me sleep and I don't feel quite as fatigued. My pain level has gone up from 6 1/2 to about an 8 now. I also am taking naproxen, that my podiatrist perscribed. As far as the PT goes the only reason I am still going there is because if I am having a bad pain in a certain area they can massage it out. But my last visit there will be tomorrow and then I don't know what I will do about any really bad areas. Most of the time my pain just moves around, what hurt this morning is not hurting now. Now it is some place else. Sorry I hope this makes sense because brain is not working so well today.
    Thanks for reading, it helps just to write down my thoughts.

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