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    I have had CFS for five years. I am going to FFC in Norwalk. I have had significant improvement. My vision improves with Vitamin B12 shots and with juicing. I started juicing a few weeks ago and I bought a high quality centrifical juicer. I juice organic apples with a carrot each day. On days that I forget or don't, my vision deteriorates, floaters, blurred and double vision. I am planning on adding radish and beets to the mixture and then eventually greens. My juicer doesn't do wheat grass (potent detoxifier) but you can buy ice cubes of this in a health food store. I will not do this until the summer when I am on vacation. Hopes this helps.

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    I wish that would work for me, I hate getting new prescriptions once or twice a year because my eyes are a little better or worse than curent prescription! Trouble is I have optic nerve damage, and with me my vision problem is strictly muscular. I have this thing where the inner muscles will get stronger with my glasses and then I won't need them anymore, after a short time of not wearing them, I need to go in and get a new pair becaseu the glasses I have aren't the right strength, or they've been pulling my eyes the wrong way! (I either go slightly cross eyed or my eyes will be slightly pulled apart and i'll need glasses to pull them back together)

    I have to admit that always getting new glasses is a royal pain. I also make my own homemade juices, and they are really great!

    Thanks for the post
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    It's intresting seeing what you wrote,because I'm experiencing the same problems,and was kind of getting really worried! I had epstien barr about 5 years ago, and since,I have had different syptoms all the time.I also had the floaters,and now they seem to have gotten stronger,and also started having blurry and double vision.Your info was helpful,and if you would be able to let me know on some more information I would be so thankful.

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