to all who are fighting this dd

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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to say that I think we all are a very strong and courageous group of people. Stop and think about how you all were first diagnosed, I remmember the following months trying to work at a job that I loved but was very physical.

    Knowing how much my life was going to change because of the pain and exhaustin that was takeing over my body and mind is something we all have had to deal with and I personally think that this whole year, I was diagnosed last year has been an unbelievable struggle.

    I Think we all can agree the acceptance of this dd is the hardest thing that we all have had to deal with. How to deal with something that we could not understand ourselves and then haveing to try to get people around us to understand was pretty much mind boggling to me and I am sure many of you.

    The times I spent going for walks by myself and the tears I shed that would not stop flowing ( and mind you most times I had no tisssue lol) the prayers I would send to god not to help me but just to let people understand that there really was something wrong with me and to be understanding, and to know that i was not just turning into the most lazyest person on earth, those prayers were never ending and I am sure you all felt the same way.

    Well I do not work now and I have not tryed to collect any disability at all, because I am afraid to be called I liar. But that is not what this is about anyway this is about what we all have been through, such a life changing experience and how much I think we have all grown and changed expecially after the first year of our dignoses.

    I finally know my limitations and no I am still not happy about this but I am finally learning to except them with out the fountian of tears, this does not mean I still do not cry believe me when I bad flare hits and I am stuck on chouch or bed for a couple of days the tears still flow but atleast now I know what to expect.

    My heart goes out to all of you and I am gratefull for these boards that helped me through this year. I hurt for all the newly diagnosed people and the year of life changeing painfull and deppresion that I know they have to go through to find there new selves.

    It is people like all of you that helps those people learn that life can and will go on, just in a different way then what they were used to, but they will also get the benifit of getting to know all you careing and wonderfull people so I do feel there is a plus even in this sticking dd. sorry for all the rambling and you are all in my prayers hugs to all Barbara
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    VERY WELL SAID.....................

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    great encouragement
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    nicely conveyed words.

    i think your words can be spoken for many of us.

    this past year (i was also diagnosed within the last year) has been such a roller coaster of emotion.

    i also believe that acceptance is one of the hardest part of this illness, something i am still trying to grasp.

    this message board has also been a Godsend for me, the support has been wonderful in helping me cope.

  5. hi all,

    thenewme,a very well written post,you have written here,and it says it all,really it many thanks for that.

    yes this dd is just horrible,and even though ive suffered with it for many years,im still finding it hard to cope through my current flare.

    but i remain strong in my mind,weak in the body just now.

    love to all,take care,love fran
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    We are all in this together-thank God for this website!! I check here every day just to see how "everyone" is doing! Take advantage of your good days to do something you love to make you feel matter how small it is..Thanks for the good words! Love you all!
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    The people I have come to know on this website are like family to me. Your words express how I feel as well, touch my heart. I'm glad you found us!!