To all who need prayer

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    Good morning everyone. My first class is about to begin and they are a real HANDFUL. If I told you the combination you wouldn't believe it. Autistic, ADD to just add a few. Before I came here I was already a prayer warrier with a long list of people to pray for. I am finding it hard to have time so now my bath in the morning is my time for all of you. A nice cozy and warm place with bubbles to surround my prayers. I have lifted up so many of you who are in need. I don't want to name names because I don't want to leave anyone out. Those of you who have been battling sickness for a long stretch and those who are fatigued and in pain have my prayers. Those who have felt discouragment in regards to their family and those who have needs surrounding impending deaths. I think that covers most of us. You are all on my hearts today on this very rainy day here in Illinois. I am not going to let the weather dictate my attitude!!!!! God Bless everyone of you and let Jesus comfort you today where ever you are. I love all of you!

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    thanks for your post this lifted me up and out of a bad place.
    My head and sinus,s are really having a time,and I just can"t take alot of meds. ao I have to try more natural ways.
    My daughter called and told me that her Dad,my ex is going to have some kind of treatment .but not surgery for his prostate cancer,its in the very early that is good news and we"re praising God.
    Thank you so much for praying for all.and have a good day.
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    Hi Bandwoman

    Thank you so much for posting, your prayers and your kind words

    Is it a music class you are teaching? I hope that things go well for you today in all you do

    May God Bless you today and always


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    taking the time out of your day to say a prayer for all of us.
    I truly feel much better from reading and you saying this prayer.

    The weather here is an issue here for me as well.

    Thank you Lord for this lady loving and kind spirit she has for others! Amen!
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    may your music today touch someones soul for the rest of your life.You are wonderful to teach these children despite your own pain.Linda
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    Thank you for your prayers. i needed to hear them today. i sometimes go on to a christian chat room but this worship forum is the best. we are a strong group and feel each others pain. God Bless you for the work you are doing with the children. i love kids and i have two teenage boys Cody 16 and Jake 14. they are wonderful kids and we go to a beautiful church that is all for kids. very community oriented. in fact our pastor had to calm us all down this week cause we now serve breakfast before church and mingle. what a spirit of love there. so many problems are lifted up. well Thank you again and My prayers are with you and the wonderful work you do.

    God Bless! ((((HUGS)))) please read my request...its under myalgiamania thanks
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    for you kind words. I am totally wiped. I left the house at 7:00 am after getting up at 4:20 and I just got home around 7:30 PM. It has been a very good day but a loooooong one. I am too tired to answer each one of you as I would like but for those who asked..... I am a band director and I teach elementary and junior high kids. I was at my elementary school today. I teach all the band instruments and play all of them. Kgangel... just wanted to tell you that my cat Mindy is a Himilayan. She comes from a line of show cats but her face is not pushed in enough to be a show cat. She would freak out anyway as she is big scaredy cat. I hope you all had a good day. I am getting ready to go to bed now. Sweet dreams eveyone!!!!