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    i thank you for answering me. it means alot knowing there are so many posts here. sometimes i don't pose my quandries properly. what i really wanted to know (and got some insight about remission) is if anyone has had remission (i guess if they did they might not be on here anymore)?or if anyone is so physically bad that they almost cannot get out of bed in the a.m. i seem to get progressively worse. especially the last week. i guess one calls that a flare-up. upped my pain meds again. i am new here so have lots of questions for all the experiences of all. i just want to know what i have to look forward to. i can't imagine getting worse. i am not depressed per say but as all know the pain effects you mentally. i am "up" most the time,
    love my life and know (as i think baybe put it) it is MY life, maybe not the physical one i wanted but MINE. hey, one doctor put it to me like this when i asked him if i had cancer, "if this is cancer, it is the best kind to have because it won't kill you". sorry to be so blunt but you guys will learn that about me...LOL to the point. so thank you all again. love, alice
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