to all you nice people i'm better

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    well, i'm back...boy there was some major hallucinating/brain misfunction goin'on. felt like i was back in the 60's. LOL. so thanking you all for your nice msgs. i am not going to give up on the methadone i think, as it was really helping. so after i get over this i will see my doc next week and start again. i did go from 20 mgs tid directly to 30 tid. should have done 30 in the a.m. and 20/20 maybe for a few days. all i can say it it scared the crap out of me and i figured the pain was better than not breathing ;).

    so now my finger nails hurt...i am walking, as i said before, like the old guy on laugh-in..for all you youngsters...shuffle. shuffle. i never realized how much pain i actually had until this. (putting in a garden when the methadone was working at it's peak didn't help) lol even the lorcets helped a little before the methadone. anyway, giving all you big hugs and thanking you sooooo much for your generous concern.
    take care all, and have a pain free day for me :)