To alll who have gone to an FFC clinic....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jinlee, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    I desperately need input! I have gone to so many docs, you know the drill. They all say well this is what is wrong but sure don't know how to fix it.

    During my nightly web search last night, I discovered they opened an FFC clinic here in the city I live in (portland, or).

    My quandry is I want to get wel; however, I have been to a lot of "alternative" docs over the years and they were mostly on the snake oil medicine side, wasted lots of money.

    I read the FFC website and I am wondering if anyone else has gone to FFC clinic anywhere in the US and was it helpful. Some of their ideas are new and scary to me. It costs a bundle to go there so I can get the money but the treatment needs to work.

    Just needing input on the FFC clinics if anyone has been there.

    Thanks. Also thanks for everybody who responds to all our e-mails and even those who lurk and get info.
  2. Anafun

    Anafun Member

    Look up FFC in search and take it from there.I did not like the doc to the one i went ,maybe i will try another.
  3. Anafun

    Anafun Member

    Look up FFC in search and take it from there.I did not like the doc to the one i went ,maybe i will try another.
  4. acesk

    acesk New Member

    I went to FCC for a year - had to fly to the clinic, none in Florida - and it didn't help at all. I spent a lot of money.

    I now do gentle yoga and self-hypnosis for pain, as well as a great pain management doctor (Ultracet and Flexeril) and am doing the best I ever have since getting fibro.

    Good luck but don't spend your money.
    Sue in Florida
  5. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    I started in March 2006. I had a brief period of feeling fantastic for almost 5 months then a huge crash. I haven't been able to get back to where I was before I went to Detroit.

    For health care costs, we spent about $11,000 out of pocket last year. I wish I had gone to a health spa instead of spending so much at FFC.

    My issues are mainly hormonal. The compounded T3 thryoid that the FFC uses has helped me a great deal. The Detroit doctor seems to know very little about balancing the rest of my hormones.

    Do you have CF or FM or both? I have been going for massage therapy and acupuncture. I think both of those treatments have helped me much more than the IVs at FFC.

    The FFCs use a lot of expensive supplements. If you are considering going there I'd get their recommendations on what you should be taking and buy them on the web.
  6. SGR

    SGR New Member

    I've been to the Portland FFC. The doctor, nurse and staff are wonderful. I've only been seeing them since December, but immediately experienced pain reflief from the supplements the doctor recommended. Still working on the rest of it, but wanted to let you know that I think it is worth your effort to see them. These are not alternative docs, I've done alternative treatment too which helped alot, but it was not enough. I'm happy to have any improvement and don't know if I'll ever be well again, but I am pleased to have the opportunity to talk to an MD who helps me understand what's going on and is very willing to put up with my endless questions. Thank you Portland FFC!

    Good luck to you.
  7. texasratgirl

    texasratgirl New Member

    Got alot of interesting comments.

    Many sound like they take a lot of money, help a little at first, then nothing.

    I think I am going to try a different route.

    Especially after I emailed them from their website, asking about a Houston location. There use to be one here about a year ago I think, but it has been closed.

    It made me wary that it had closed so quickly.

    Good luck.
  8. LouiseK

    LouiseK New Member

    I went to the one in LA about a year ago. Yes, I do agree that many of their treatments are "alternative" in terms of what most doctors will do -- for instance the IV's and various hormones they give freely such as cortisol and thyroid. Bio-identical, over the counter or regular old "prescription" these are still not substances to be taken lightly.

    Anyway, I called recently thinking maybe I would give them another try and they were really uptight about saying the office was not affiliated in any way with FFC. This is the same office by the way (Dr. Holtorf) that I had been to. When I asked if the doctor I had seen was still there they were really uptight about that too and said he was gone and had instructed the staff to tell any patients calling for him that he "no longer sees CFS patients."

    It was all fishy and the woman on the phone sounded like a paranoid criminal frankly.

    Additionally they had requested having their name removed from the FFC website a long time ago and told me it was because they had too many patients and were booked so far in advance. However, it took me no time to get an appointment and they called me several times to get me to book a follow up. Really like a sales call.

    Worrisome. You might want to go talk to them and see what they have to suggest. It's your decision what to ingest ultimately. And, yes, very very expensive and I've never heard of them helping anyone with their disability or anything either. I asked for my office notes and you wouldn't believe what they sent me.

    Mind you they diagnosed me with thyroid problems based on something or other about foot flexibility. No kidding. And that's what the exam notes looked like. It was a checklist of very improbable things like that. Worrisome.
  9. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    please read my post about my experience w ffc - from a few days ago- click on my username and you should find it. they were helpful to me - w testing and getting a diagnosis of cfs. they were also the first dr to tell me my cortisol was low.

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