To AllMy medical mix up and a new pic of me DD and Grandaugh

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, May 2, 2008.

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    Hello everyone- I have been trying to get on to getting my life back to some kind of normal, what ever that is, and went to a follow up CT of my adrenal glands, I have a calcification on my right one.

    I asked for a copy of it on CD, you have to wait 10 minutes or so, finally I went up and asked if they remembered to do it and told her my name, she said it was printing now. A few minutes later another lady handed me the CD.

    Last night I put in the computer and it was SOMEONE ELSE'S digital mammogram! I took the CD out and her name was on it. So I wonder if she got mine. I called the imaging center and told them so they could make me a new one or find mine and I would return this ladies mammogram.

    They were having computer problems and said they would call me, so far nothing. Can you imagine thinking your going to see your stomach and a big breast is on your screen.

    Also I have put a picture of me, my daughter and 17 yo grandaugter in my profile, it was taken the day of my mom's funeral.

    Thank all of you again for your kind words of support during the time she was in hospice and her funeral. I am doing pretty good and just staying busy. Carla
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    Thank you for posting the lovely pic!! You all look very pretty, I see it runs in the family!!

    So Funny about your CD mix up!! They actually could get into a significant amount of trouble for doing this with the HIPPA regulations! Cause now you have someone else's private medical info and most likely someone has yours!!!

    They should be apologizing right and left for this!! An angry person could report them. I work in healthcare finance and we are not even allowed to email patient names unless it is a protected file. And these files do not have any medical info on them, just names and numbers!!!!

    Take care Carla,

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    Thanks, I have been asked if I was Haley's mother before and said "thank you but I am her GRANDmother" I can't believe she is all grown up now.

    I did get my cd and returned the other one. I didn't make a big deal, but it was a very young girl working and probably didn't have a clue how dangerous this could have been if someone had accessed my medical records.

    This is a small town with one major hospital and a small one about 10 miles away. So we have no choice. The fact is the hospital has spent millions in the last few years getting all this up to date, state of the art equipment but they are losing Drs left and right and having a hard time keeping nurses, aids, ect.

    I could go on but I won't, just glad everything worked out. Thanks-Carla
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    You look lovely in the pic and your daughter and grand daughter do as well.

    I'm glad they cleared up the mix up and you got your stomach back. I wouldn't want someone else's boob either.


  5. poets

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    I'm glad you got your medical mix-up straightened out. I just wanted to say that I thought the picture in your profile was great. You can certainly see the family resemblance. You girls are so pretty and your granddaughter is lovely. I'm going to have a little granddaughter in August. My daughter is expecting.

  6. Cromwell

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    I already saw your pic and it is really lovely-you are all so cute looking!

    I have had this happen to me more than once.

    My doctor was reading the radiologist report a few years back which sounded gloomier and gloomier and then as he was reading it started talking about my prostate cancer!!! (I am a female) it was some 84 year old retired general's report with MY name on it.

    Another incident: I had taken the film of my thyroid uptake xray to show my new doc when we had moved some time ago and he was looking at it and telling me that my KIDNEYS looked normal to him, but he wasn't a radiologist. I said, you are not much of a doctor either as that is my thyroid gland.

    One wonders?...

    LOve Annie
  7. lgp

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    So glad to hear you're faring a little better, day by day.

    It is very disconcerting when a medical mixup such as the one you described happens. The office staff may be aware of it now, but make sure the doctor is made aware of it on your next visit. Grrr...

    The photo of you, DD and grandaughter is wonderful. Three generations of beautiful are a lucky woman!!

    Again, glad to hear your spirits are up a little. I hope the sun shines for you a little more every day.