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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by razorqueen, Nov 8, 2005.

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    thanks for understanding! I dislike conflict. I think you girls are great too! I will post again about Jerica when we have the date for her upper and lower scopes.
  2. razorqueen

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    for Alyndra! You ok, girl?
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    Is okay an option anymore?!

    I had an Uhthoffs day yesterday (I lose my eyesight during showers, exercise or stress) and my doctors wanted to do bloodwork, ct scans, eeg's etc while it was happening.

    I was supposed to have an MRI but the technician wouldn't do it because of my tattoos. They still strongly believe in the myth that MRI's pull out the ink of a tattoo!!

    Todays been better. It's noon and I haven't gone blind yet today ;)

    How is the on demand sampling going? I hope this doesn't set your daughter back too long from getting her scopes done!

    Hope your day is going well!
  4. razorqueen

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    except for one, and it is supposed to be liquid. She doesn't have D, so how do you get liquid poop? Haven't figured THAT one out yet,,,,,
    but the rest got couriered to the city yesterday and today!!
    well, I sure hope you don't go blind either! That wouldn't be a good thing at all!
  5. Alyndra

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    Get a small bottle of Senokot. It's a natural laxitive that works over night.

    For someone who needs it, it works great! For someone who doesn't, it'll cause the runs in the morning for sure!

    Glad to know the samples are being picked up!

  6. razorqueen

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    her any laxative for the liquid sample. Supposed to be "natural". lol. Don't know if it'll happen! Still waiting for the call from the GI about the scopes. Jerica is hanging in, getting frustrated with how some people are treating her now tho. Seems like some people think she is contagious now she has a "disease". NOt good.
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    bumpity bump
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  9. Alyndra

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    I HATE when people always assume that everyone but themselves are contageous. As if Crohn's isn't bad enough on its own - it's happening to her at the worst possible time in life.

    I was 17 when I started having black outs and seizures at school. It's changes the perspective of everything, and robs you of those precious years. Even if you seem to 'get better' people never let it go.

    Tell her to keep her chin up. When she wakes up in the morning, tell her to think of what she's going to do to make the day a good one; instead of wondering how bad it will be. When someone looks at her the wrong way, or says something horrible to her - she can't allow them to get to her. Sometimes saying something as simple as "I'm sorry you feel that way." is enough to change someones perspective. Sometimes it feels never ending. But it isn't. People may be acting different to her right now, but in the end she controls what these people will really see. If she lets people attack her about her problems, they'll just keep getting bigger and bigger. If she shoots down peoples ignorance one day at a time, eventually she'll be able to live her day in peace. At 16, things seem alot bigger then they are.

    If she loses friends over this, it will be worth it.
    If people avoid her because of this, it will be worth it. Even if for a single moment she feels like everybody has turned their backs on her, it will still be worth it; because after all the bad.. she'll realize the absolute good of the people that are still around. At 16 the mind focuses on the things that were lost.. At 20 she'll look back and see the true friends that were around her, and realize that she still has so much good to look forward to.

    Don't let her health consume her. Right now, one of her best medicines will be to live life as normally as she can. She should never live her life by the 'what ifs'. If you hear "I want to do this, but..." tell her to do it! If she has to stop, or if she has to come home - that's fine. At least she'll have the comfort of knowing she can still try.

    Thinking about my highschool days, and knowing what your daughter is going through - there's just such a large knot in the pit of my stomach that I just can't come close to finding the words to explain it.

    I guess the best thing I could say to her is live. Live life in every meaning of the word.

    Smile when you want to smile.
    Cry when you want to cry.
    Depend on the people that are there for you.
    Let go of the people who aren't.
    Never fake something to please someone else.
    Don't be afraid to tell the truth.
    Ask for help when you need it, and offer your help when you can.

    Even when it feels like we've been given these problems as punishment, they're really just another chapter in the big book of life.

    My best wishes

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