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    Alyndra -

    I just read your bio because I saw your post about tattoo's. I had to tell you that I was so impressed when I read through all the medical issues that you have and then you said you have the large ear piercings like the tribal piercings but you are allergic to earrings - so you made your own line.

    I was reading along thinking oh my god this poor thing she can't even wear earrings - but then you have that positive attitude and made your own. Kind of like if you can't beat em join em type of attitude. That is so awesome!

    Also, I think if people tend to stare at you because of all your piercings and tattoo's it's because they secretly think it's cool.

    It's when I read stories like yours or talk to people with such positive attitudes that it makes me get off my own pity pot and think more positively.

    Thanks for an inspirational moment.

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    Wow. I'm completely speechless. Thank you for such kind words! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own pity pot that I won't even realize when I do something productive.

    I can definately relate to the 'if you can't beat them, then join them' attitude... though sometimes I prefer the 'if you can't join them, THEN beat them!' much better ;)

    Again, thank you. You've sent that inspirational moment right on back my way!