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    Dear Anette,
    The reason part-time is not an option is that is what my employer told me. they were going to give me 4 to 6 weeks at 3 days a week, then want me to resume full time. The psychiatrist believes it is real, but she feels it originates in the mind, due to some deep conflict. My rheumatologist also says patients do better if they work.
    I have 0 support at mt job, in fact some are hostile towards me, for taking so much time off. My husband has been on disability for years now, so I can't leave it all up to him. ( He keeps trying to encourage me, you can do it etc... ) I am so lost right now,,,

    Thanks for listening !!!
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    I'm sorry people at your job don't understand what you're going through. One thing that helps me at work is that I don't talk about my FMS with them. It doesn't pay. I usually feel bad most of the time anyway, and I don't think anyone is really interested. I still don't agree with your psychiatrist. FMS does not originate in the mind!!!! It is a physical illness. Does she think diabetes originates in the mind? Of course anyone who is in constant pain may tend to get depressed at times - who wouldn't? Would she tell a cancer patient that their illness originates in their mind because they are in so much pain? She is giving you a raw deal. I do agree with your rheumatologist about working though - I find working does make me feel better psychologically - I am with people, I have other things to think about, etc. But please, your psychiatrist is dead wrong. Do more reading about FMS - it has a physical basis. Now, I will say that stress can bring certain illnesses out. But you have to have the tendency to get the illness in the first place! She sounds old-fashioned and very controlling. How did she come up with this theory anyway? I don't mean to upset you - I just think she's wrong. I hope some other people on the Board will reply to this post. I also hope you feel better.

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    Sorry for reading your mail, but---
    I agree with Annette2.
    I have been in therapy a while now, too, and on meds.
    I have FM/MFP,CFIDS,DDD,IBS among others
    and I want you to do your homework on the Internet, and print out some Info for your Psychiatrist. That is, if you keep going to her. She has to keep up to date on the research if she can treat you! FM is a Muscular/etc disease and she can't treat your head for it! Only the Depression side is in our heads!
    Go to even this Site's Library, and print out a few articles for your DR.,OK?
    I am truely sorry you feel so bad, I will Pray for you, and I think being at work and keeping busy may be an OK thing- But you have to keep an up-beat attitude, or it really won't work out, will it? I'll keep you in my prayers,
    And keep us posted!