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    Hi Annette, I've replied to a couple places as to where I live for you to see but don't know if you ever saw them.I live in Michigan City ,Indiana which is about 60 miles North of Chicago.I live right on Lake Michigan.I've lived here for about 15 years. I use to live in Indy and I liked it very much their but at the time I was married and we Got transfered to Chicago so I only lived there for about a year.I also have restless leg syndrome,I was taking Nuerotin but I had a terrible time with it .Could'nt stay awake ,would walk into walls ect. Doctor changed my medicine to Baclofen. Much better now.but the restless leg syndrome comes right dack if I run out of the Baclofen.I'm not driving at the present time but if I ever get to Carmel I'll let you know ,maybe we could meet each other.I'll say goodby for now ,and hope you get this message.ThatAlberta Clipper thats coming in out of Cancdc is messing up my day. Hope to hear from you soon .God Bless Danisue
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    Thanks for the note - it would be great to meet someone in person from this fibro-board! I'm sorry you had a bad time with Neurontin. I find that Neurontin helps me sleep, not the other way around. Between that and the Trazadone, I go into la-la-land! I guess everyone has different effects with different medicines. I never heard of Baclofen - what sort of med is it? As long as it's helping you, that's what's important! Keep in touch!!!!

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    Hi Annette, Glad you finally got my message. I was'nt sure if you had or not. Baclofen is a medicine something like Neurotin. ,it's used for sezures and muscle spasms,it seem to work better for me. I was having a very bad time with them . would wake up in the night with my feet in spasms like a charlie horse and they would travel all the way up my back .The neurotin worked but I was unable to stay awake during the day.Kept losing my balance and walking into walls ect.It was getting pretty bad ,so Neuro Doctor changed it to baclofen .It works really well for me.
    I'm glad the Neurotin is working for you ,It's great when you finally find something that works. I thought I read some where that you just moved ,or do I have you mixed up with someone else. If it was you I was wondering how it went. Thats a pretty big job for anyone that has this stuff to tackle. How are you feeling .Hope your day is going well.
    I have'nt been feeling good at all ,all I wanted to do was lay around and sleep. Finally got up and did the dishes and then I was able to use my hands again so I thought I'd check to see if you got this message. I've really been down in the dumps as well ,it's like they go hand in hand. I hate it when I feel that way because I'm usually a very happy person. But when the tears start welling up from some little thing I know it's time to get a grip sometimes it works sometimes not.
    Well I'll say by for now ,hope to hear from you soon....God Bless ..Danisue
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    Hi. I did get your message. I know how you feel about being down in the dumps. I'm feeling that way too. I think the weather has something to do with it. We did get that snow last night. But it wasn't that deep. It's just gray out right now and I can't stand it. At least it gets dark later than it has been. The Neurontin does seem to be working. I'm just so tired all the time. I feel washed out. I have a post-op appt. with my GYN tomorrow. Maybe I'm still anemic. I guess she'll be able to tell me. Well, I hope you have a good week and feel better!

    Annette2 :)
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    I thought i would tack on to this thread regarding our mutual grandmothers named stella. mine was on the short side also, but not as short as yours. she died in 1991 and i my memories of her as still fresh. she was first generation polish, a seamstress, and always seemed to have a twinkle in her eye. stella was my maternal grandmother, i am actually named for my paternal grandmother, constance, who died of tb when my father was 16. nice meeting you on line, and danisue, sorry for hopping on your message thread.
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    Oh my God! Stella was my maternal grandmother, and I'm also named for my paternal grandmother. Her name was Anna. I didn't know her, she died before I was born. My grandmother Stella was actually born in New York City, on the Lower East Side. Her family was from Hungary and came to the US in the late 1880's. I have just found cousins from that side of the family that I never knew I had! Small world!!!!