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    Hi Annette! I read your post about taking fish oil. Do you take it in capsule form or as an actual oil? I tried the actual oil on my salads and I don't like it. Do the capsules work as well? Thanks!

  2. AnnetteP

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    Sorry, but I'm not the purest that you are (hehe) so I take it in a well-sealed capsule! If I didn't my cats would come running everytime I opened my mouth! lol

    Like I've mentioned before, all fish oil capsules are NOT created equally. Keep trying differenet ones until you find one that doesn't make you burp fish! ugh I use Metagenics, but there are certainly others that work as nicely.

    (Still tickled over the salad oil)
  3. Annette2

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    The reason I bought the actual oil is because that's what the woman in the health food store said I should use. It was horrible! That's why I want to use the capsules! I think we have some in the house - my son now works in that health food store. I like fish - sardines, etc. - but the oil was baaaad!!!!!
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    This keeps them from going stale and helps with the burping up fish breath.

    You can add anchovies to a tossed salad and they are a wonderful source of fish oil, but not everyone likes them. They are awfully salty.

    Love, Mikie
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    I've read that some fish oil *could* contain poisons from the waters where the fish live. Milled Flax seed or Oil also has a high concentration of Omega-3 without the smell!

    I usually put my Milled Flax seed on a Whole Wheat Eggo or included on sandwich.
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