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    I read your post and I am also going to Dr. Salvato. She just recommended the injections. How long have you been going to her and how do you feel about her? I am having problems with her staff. I had blood work done on the 5th and just got my results last night. Is it always going to take this long?

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    I am now seeking treatment in Atlanta at the FFC .
    I believe "Benoit " is a patient of dr Salvato . You can post a message here " looking for patients of Dr Salvato"
    and you will likely get a response .

    I have read her staff is not easy to deal with and that she has a LARGE volume of patients . I may be moving back to Texas and plan to see her if possible . My impression is that she is probably one of the best docs you can find in the US for CFS .

    I am going to begin the glutathione injections with the doc I am seeing now . Overall , they are supposed to be VERY effective and helpful.