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    I have begun a new bottle of Prohealth Olive Leaf Extract, and I am "herxing" again..I believe that it is of higher quality and more potent than the previous bottle I had purchased at Walmart..and in the long run, it will be even more economical than that was..(this is not an advertisement). Just did not want to lead anyone astray towards Walmart's brand...

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    I'm not understanding the herxing thing. I understand the concept but I am not sure whether or not my body is reacting because I have been feeling generally fluish (sore glands, throat, sinuses and increased pain in general). My doc snickered when I told him I was taking this. I will continue to take it though. I have taken it for about 2 months now and have not noticed a significant improvement.
    Thanks for the tip - let's hope we get better!

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    Hi, have you read any of Dr. Privitera's explanations of the Ole? Under his name, you can find a lot of info on Ole
    Also, there is a book, called "Nature's Antibiotic: Olive Leaf Extract" authored by Morton Walker..

    Dr. Privitera's explanation of the Herxheimer is as follows: (but these symptoms dwindle as the toxins are cleared from the body) GREATER FATIGUE, DIARRHEA, HEADACHES, MUSCLE/JOINT ACHES, OR FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS..He says that you should cut back or discontinue use until those symptoms they are "die-off of pathogens"
    You should be drinking lots of water to help flush out the toxins, too..

    I had a fairly strong "herx", yesterday..If those symptoms don't pass with discontinuation of the OLE, then, it is probably not due to herxing and might be the result of active case of some viral or other pathogen..

    I really, at this point, don't care what doc's say, as
    as they have not helped me with these DDs, much, and I am finding OLE to be the best thing I have tried for these DDs.

    Hi Nink, Would like to know what you think of OLE?

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