to anyone trying to hack my computer!

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    i am angry. the 1st time i went into the chat room (for 10 mins) someone tried to launch a virus. my husband is a systems administrator (think thats it lol) and he noticed a little red exclamation point in the lower corner of our task bar. he did some checking and the virus was the trojan horse or something of that nature. now this isn't a serious one but this really yanks my crank. the reason i know it happened here is the next 2 times i went in there it happened again. listen, anyone out there who is using this venue to hurt people off GET OUT. the sys/admin here can trace your ip address. i didn't even notice that little red thingy until he got home and noticed. (i'm not computer saavy). makes me upset people take advantage for their own selfish means. hubby said while in the chat room, it's like trying to trace a call, and if your on long enuf, zap they are in your computer. my intention is not to make anyone panic. just to get the msg. out to the one's doing this garbage. i will be sending a letter to the sys/admin here as well. and we will continue to monitor this on our end.
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    I really love the chat room, and have never had any problems myself with it, but this post really scares me. There should be some way that it can't happen through a chat room, or no one would go on chat rooms anymore??? Please an administrator or someone, check this out and find out if it really can be done over a chat room, and if theres anyway to keep it from happening. (I'm not doubting what mamafurr is saying, I'm only now scared that something I thought was impossible is now possible...)

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    Hi Frust...

    Whenever you are online your computer is subject to being hacked. That is why people run firewalls to try and protect themselves as best they can. I dont believe someone in the chatroom themselves is sending out a trojan thru the chatroom itself to individuals. That would be fairly hard to do. I run a fairly decently protected machine and I havent been hit. I am there alot too. There is another way that a trojan can get thru and this site would need to check is for its javascript to get infected. I have not received any alerts on my protection that would indicate to me that that has happened but I will run another scan just in case. It could just be a coincidence that a hacker probed at the same time someone was in the chatroom. I cant tell you how many times I have been probed while in the chatroom and my firewall goes off and I deny access to someone. If I didnt have that firewall up...they would be in like flynn. If they wanted to be.
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    Even if your computer is off, a good hacker can remotely turn on your modem and hack into your computer. That is how my hard drive was crashed last year. You need good antivirus software and a good firewall to keep hackers and viruses out. When you turn off your computer, disconnect the modem from the cable or phone line or pull the power to it. Also, if you do any financial business online, always delete your cookies and your history when you are through.

    Love, Mikie
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    mikie and all, i apologize for starting some type of panic here. i always disconnect as well as i am aware of what you said.. i guess i should have been more discrete or maybe not posted this at all! i hope all understand this msg is for any "possible" not to scare the general population.
    once again apologies.
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    Trojan viruses, in the pure form, are rarely used any more, nowadays they are used as launching pads for other viruses.

    Just as the name "Trojan" suggests. They tend to show up in the virus world as the initial source of infection for some viruses. A virus that injects itself into .com or .exe files is also a Trojan, while it waits for you to run a formerly useful program, you are instead waking up a virus.

    So, while you may have thought you were hacked while chatting...chances are you were already infected, but some type of command you entered, woke up the virus. Which, by the way, could still be lurking in your computer, waiting to be re-awoken (is that a word?) again.

    Malicious programs are slightly different than viruses, but are injected by the use of a trojan as well...they have to be manually removed...virus software will not work...

    You'll have to find the program...if that's what it is...and delete it.

    Hope this offers some help...viruses and malicious programs are tricky little devils....:)

    P.S. Their really aren't too many "harmless" viruses out there...most are meant to be destructive...and most are!