to anyone whom the dr. helped when mixed days and nights

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    can some person help me. there was a message on here awhile back how someone went to the dr. and this person had her days and nights mixed up.
    He or She said they found out from a blood test.(I believe) what the trouble was. And some medication helped them. I can't remember all the message. Could someone or that person please let me know.


    P.S. this is very important to me...
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    Hi, Lorraine...

    I'm sorry to say I don't remember such a post, but you might do a search on Provigil, a med that makes one more alert in the daytime...

    Maybe you will see the post on that/those thread(s).

    Best of luck,
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    it could be that you have adrenal fatigue. You could have problems with your Cortisol levels being off. The are supposed to be high in the morning and low at night.

    In people with adrenal fatigue they are often the opposite.

    I've had a saliva test done to see how the hormones in my adrenals are functioning and am waiting the results of those tests.

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    I have this problem too, BIG TIME!

    I also have heard it may have to do with high cortisol at night, and also that sunlight in the day time can help.

    If I ever get it under control, I'll return to tell you what helped. But it might be awhile till that happens.