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    Hi. Sorry I didn't reply sooner - I've been off the computer for 2 days. My sister has not been diagnosed with FMS. She said she sometimes gets a little ache here and there, but not the way I do. Unfortunately, I don't think she really understands FMS and all that goes along with it. But then again, most people who don't have it don't understand.

    I LOVE being an identical twin. We are so close and speak several times a day, since we both live in different states. We sound exactly alike and still buy the same clothes, shoes, pocketbooks, etc. We got diagnosed with our "fatty livers" in the same week - is that weird, or what?

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    Bumped it for hoping that applyN59 will see it!

    I am a twin, too, however not identical. ;)
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    It is okay that you didn't answer sooner. I would
    think being an identical twin would be fun. At one
    time I was looking into a clinic in NJ for FMS and they
    were doing a study on siblings.

    It is so great that you get along so well. You sound
    like me and my mother. We talk alike and have the
    same inflections. We live together and those
    no one ever can tell who is who when we answer
    the phone. We once even switched back and forth
    with someone as a joke and they never new it.

    Last year, when I went with her to her chemo treatments, her dr. burst into laughter. He said
    "you two look like twins right down to the earrings."
    We bought were wearing similar plaid shirts with
    same color earrings. We didn't notice it. My mother
    told me never to wear that shirt again without telling
    her! LOL

    I hope this was okay to post here, but I had to answer
    you here or you wouldn't have seen it!