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    I read your post to my thread about the Fibromyalgia Treatment Program at the Mayo Clinic. During the previous 5 days I had seen a Neurologist and a Rheumy who diagnosed me with FM. When you go to the treatment program first you visit with a nurse who asks you alot of questions and then a doctor sees you. If they confirm that you have FM you will then go through the treatment program. It was 3 1/2 hours that afternoon and then a 2 hour session the next day.
    Yes I would say it is more of a seminar. The 2 hour session including a Physical Therapist taking about how important it is to exercise and then we had to get up and try all these different stretching exercises.

    I am sorry to say that I am headed back to the Mayo Clinic today as I had to do Oxinetry test last night to check the oxygen level in my blood at night. I did one on the 13th with the results being very very low and I had to see a pulmanary specialist and check my lung function on Friday and everything was fine so they think maybe something was wrong with the machine I took home before.

    I hope this answered the questions you asked.

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