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    Sorry for the delay in replying - the message is so far back it takes my computer 45min to get there! I just wanted to say thank you for your support and I really don't know if I would have the same positive outlook if I have had it as long as you. I am at a chronic stage now and Drs seem to accept it as "normal" for me. I now know how all those patients (and you) with multiple health problems must feel.

    And yes a physiotherapist is a physical therapist, and some are nice and some aren't! I like to think of myself as a nice one :)

    By the way, are you on lots of meds? I just started chromium and had read the mssg board about chromium pliconate. I am low on all elements, but it is so hard to figure out how much of what to be on!!


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    I am glad you finally found it!!! I had given up hope on you! LOL

    Yes, I am on lots of meds, why do you ask?

    I won't take the picolinate because it can be dangerous
    and I don't want the GTF because it is made
    from yeast. I have read there are a few others
    that may be safer. If I decide to take it, I will do my
    research first.

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    I ask about the meds as I'm sure youv'e tried almost anything by now. A homeopathic Dr put me on combination meds in Oct and I was in bed for the next 3 months and now an allergist wants me to be on mega vitamin doses for neurological symptoms - B12,B6, folate, chromium (not pliconate) and multi vitamins. I know I can't do anything in huge doses, but I was wondering if you've tried it?

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    I was planning on going to a naturopath in the near future. However, I now am more concerned about getting into a lyme specialist. I never knew I could have Lyme without tick bite and bull's eye rash recollection.
    I live in CT and no dr. was smart enough to rule it
    out. I am finding out that lyme is just as difficult
    a disease to get treated for as FMS. Just what I don't need.

    I am getting tired just thinking about all of it.
    I have b12 but haven't started it yet. I should.
    Thanks for your concern. Good luck.
    I have done the vitamin route for years with no
    success and stopped when I started getting stomach
    problems. I then didn't want to take anything.
    I need to get my digestive stuff straightened out as

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    lyme disease was one of the 1st things ruled out for me (and malaria) even though I live in B.C.!! I think it was a stool sample for boreallis and a blood culture. I didn't know you could get it without a tick bite. In CT there must be some sort of diagnostic or treatment centre. Good luck in your search. I know even here there are alternative MDs who treat it and I was considering going to them.

    I haven't done the naturopath route yet - it's mainly financial reasons. Every test seems to cost $400 or more. I'm going to wait until I've had my baby (Oct) so I don't complicate my health even more!

    As for digestive problems, I can relate!
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    I can't remember what I wrote but I probably wasn't
    clear. You have to have a tick bite but you may not
    know that you were bitten or remember it.

    I have learned from many online and here as well,
    that drs. are just as illiterate in Lyme as they are
    in FMS. Isn't that wonderful? Doctors who are not specialists in the field don't know much about lyme and don't order the proper testing. It is critical to be seen
    by a specialist and also have blood tests sent to the proper labs.

    I have found a dr. at the other end of the state.
    I have to find out if my friend or uncle can take
    me and then make an appt. They don't
    take any insurance and are expensive!

    I didn't know you were pregnant! I have wanted kids all my life but due to
    my health problems I haven't been well enough
    to find a husband and I know I couldn't handle
    pregnancy with my problems. Had I known my
    life would have been so bleak these past
    10 years, I would not have been so picky with
    the guys who did want to marry me! My biggest
    upset in life is no children. I get sick just thinking
    of it.

    Best of luck with everything,

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