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    Well, today was a good day (so far).

    For breakfast I had scrambled eggs with lox (smoked salmon) and black coffee.

    I had a cup of cappuccino later with skim milk (no sugar).

    When I got home I had some mixed vegetables - mushrooms, red pepper and eggplant.

    For supper I had a Greek salad with no oil.

    Is that okay? Oh, and a lot of water today.

    I went shopping to day and hardly anything fit me. What more incentive do you need to lose weight? I hope you think I'm doing okay so far!!!!


    P.S. - Husband and son had pizza for dinner and I just asked for the Greek salad!!!!
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    bump again. Hope A is feeling up to reading and replying today.

    Hang in there A, school will soon be in. Mine went back today.

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    It took me so long to get back to you. I have had the end of summer crazys over here. School orientation, school clothes, supplies etc. The kids want to go to the pool every day before it closes and they run me ragged!
    Your menue plan sounds great. How in the world did you manage no pizza? What will power! Pizza is my biggest weakness. When I take the kids out for pizza I eat 3 or 4 fiber tablets before we get there. The extra fiber helps slow down the digestion so I feel I am not doing so bad,
    I have slipped way off of the wagon. My depression has been raging and when I am feeling hopeless I don't care about anything, much less my diet.
    I am feeling a bit better and am kicking myself for the damage I caused myself. I gained 5 pounds. The important thing is to not belabor the past but look foreward to tomorrow.
    With rising gas prices I have virtually no money for groceries. I had to cancel the cabel TV, our cell phones and my gym membership. My hubby works out of town, 65 miles one way. He is looking for another job but it will take a while. Having no money for groceries has derailed my diet a bit. How come you can get Cheetoes for $1.00 but almonds are $7.00?? It sucks.
    Well, enough of the excuses. I am trying to re-motivate myself. I have a dress I worked on for over a year. I quilted it and embroidered many accents. It is a size 10 and I WILL fit into it this year!!! I hung it up on my bedroom door so I have to look at it every day. I am dying to ware it, I put so much time and effort into it.
    I am so proud of you doll! You got through the toughest part, starting and commiting to a lifestyle change. Don't forget that olive oil is good for you. It will give you a greater feeling of fullness and is loaded with the good fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. Include some in your diet plan. I like to dip veggies in olive oil that I have crushed fresh garlic in, yum yum!
    I love good balsamic vinegar also. If you are cooking fish deglaze the pan with balsamic, when it has reduced some sprinkle some Splenda in and stir. it makes a great, quick low cal sauce for fish and meat.
    Are you taking vitamins? Especially with omega 3 fatty acids? Great for brain power and a nessesity for those of us on a restricted diet plan.
    Being borderline diabetic you have made the first steps to living a longer healthier life. I have my children on the stage 3 South Beach diet plan. Both of my kids have sugar allergies. They get weepy, high strung and rude with to much sugar. This really has helped them do better in school work and they are pleasent to be around. I go to the oldests school next week for a meeting with the cafeteria manager. Last year there was to much sugar in her lunches. I may have to put her on the diabetic menue this year to combat the Trix yougurt and cookies. She is going to hate me but oh well, I am not here to be liked I am here to raise her happy and healthy.
    Now that the depression is lifting some i will try to get on Pro Health more often. It is hard to post when I am mired in despair. I have thought of you every day and was hoping you were doing well. I am so glad to find out you are! When I began SB I dropped about 7 lbs a week. There is nothing more motivating than dropping weight so quickly.
    I have cleaned out my fridge once again and am trying hard to get back to where I was, motivated and strong.
    With your help and support I know I will get there.
    I promise to check in more regularly,
    Much love!
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    Gosh, I'm sorry you're depressed and having those problems! I'm telling you, this gas situation is horrible! I hope your DH finds something closer to home!!!!

    I did really good today. I had my hard-boiled egg for breakfast and a bit of salmon for lunch. I got a little stomach ache so didn't eat too much salmon.

    I noshed on some almonds after lunch.

    I went out with a friend for dinner and had broiled tilapia and veggies.

    BUT - here is the big BUT!!!!

    I came home and got on the computer. I took a glass of orange juice and a box of brown sugar and ate it. Not the whole box, but some spoonfuls. Isn't that horrible???? I am so mad at myself. I'm going to throw the box out tomorrow. I can't believe I did this! It is soooo hard to break that sugar habit. I'm okay during the day, but at home at night, forget it!

    Like you said, I have to clean out my pantry. I haven't totally done that. It's awful!!!!

    But (another but) when I weighed myself this morning I had lost 2 more lbs. I'm going to get rid of the sugar tomorrow. I'm going to put the box in my car tonight and throw it in a dumpster tomorrow morning.

    I have jury duty tomorrow. I'm going to tell them I fall asleep and my doctor things I have narcolepsy. It's true - I'm having a sleep study right after Labor Day.

    Well, thanks for your support! I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Things will get better - just believe they will.


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